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i cant believe someone went on my blog in 2014 and wrote a comment

here are some things that have changed since i wrote this blog ok im not fourteen anymore i graduated senior high and college had a job at spencers for a year quit now im working at a grocery store (boring!) i went to a bunch of cons including anime north cosplayed a lot bought a playstation tv and project diva f 2nd soon i’ll buy the senran kagura vita games but i actually still need to finish crimson girls. also somehow i became a huge shonen jump fan i started reading assassination classroom in may 2013 then about a year ago i jokingly decided to watch all 220 episodes of the original naruto and totally fell in love with it all over again. at the start of january i started watching the nisekoi anime and at the end of january i started reading world trigger and its maybe my biggest love right now? even tho the anime is kind of bad haha usami is my wife tho we are totally married its REAL ok bye


June 9, 2010 - 7 Responses

Okay, quick useless pointless post, but I am disappointed. TB is okay with doujin figures and kits, but not doujin goods? I think this is rather ridculous. Of course, I’m not going to get too bothered by it, there’s nothing I can do, and truth is, I don’t care that much, I’m kind of out of the whole thing anyway, but I do admit, I have a bit of caring because it doesn’t make any sense. :|

I’m back?

June 2, 2010 - One Response

Sakura Haruno from Wandaba Style. I love how she has the exact same name as the Naruto character.

I haven’t been here in forever… over a month. The truth is, I have nothing to write about. It’s been a while since I’ve bought anything. I think the last thing I bought was Star Trek’s first season? I need to buy the rest of those. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Star Trek, it’s so fantastic. It really opened my mind to all these references I never saw before. And well, it’s just awesome. I love those “special” effects. I want to find more garbage old sci-fi stuff like that. :’D But then I worry that if I did, it might do to Star Trek what Star Trek did to Star Wars for me; shift my obsessions.

One other obsession I have right now is Pokémon. :D That started with Rumble, and I started playing that way back, before Christmas even, but I asked for Heart Gold for my birthday gift, now one whole month ago, and it’s a lot of good fun to be playing Pokémon again. The only thing is, I don’t have my own DS, I’m boring my sister’s, which is also often used by my Mum as well. Neither of them really use it that much… oh, until they bought a new game. So, I don’t have much chance to play anymore, guess I’ll wait until they get bored with their game. Well, only thing I really need to do is beat Red, but I still need to level up my Pokémon a lot.

I’m thinking maybe, to be able to play Pokémon, and maybe some other games too, I should get a GBA. :’D I used to have one, but I was stupid and sold it a couple years ago. And what did I buy with the money? An iPod Touch, and that makes it all the worse. I have a love/hate thing with Apple. Some crazy beautiful designs in the past, like the iBook Clamshell, the matching iMac and Power Macintosh G3s, and the G4s too. But then there are a few I think are REALLY UGLY (All in one Performa, I don’t know why I hate it but I just do.). Also, Mac OS uses weird keyboard shortcuts. I always forget how to do force quit, so I just press a bunch of buttons that I think bring up the dialog for force quit. FQ never really seems to work for me though, when I click “force quit” in the dialog, it just freezes. Mac OS, or at least 9 seems so unstable…

If you love Macs, fine, but I’ll never be able to stand them, completely.

I did buy an AirPort card though. <3 Finally. Too bad IE4.5 messes up nearly every page (I’ll have to restrict browsing to Reocities?) and iCab is insanely slow. I wonder how an Opera of the time would do. I like Opera. Not as much as Chrome, but it’s good.

Did Griffon Enterprise make a figure from Magical Meow Meow Taruto? It showed up in my Search Engine Terms… I couldn’t find anything though.

Speaking of figures, Kotobukiya’s Ruri should come out this month! :D Can’t wait!

New anime soon… I was kind of interested in Asobi ni Iku yo! but I am trying to read the manga and it feels kind of boring, but I don’t really like reading scanlations, it isn’t the same as having a book in your hand, that’s always better. I’ll at least try to watch the opening, I guess? If I remember.

I kind of want to buy some more doujinshi. But, I’m kind of afraid of a huge shipping cost from Mandarake. Last time, shipping cost more than the things I bought. But, one of the books was a collection of various stories, it was a lot thicker and heavier than the typical short doujin, they seem to usually be 24 or 28 pages. So, if I just bought those, maybe it would be okay. If I ordered some stuff from Mandarake, I would like to buy some of these too maybe. If I did, it’s like 50/50 chance I get a character I like. Alice is my absolute favourite, and I like Youmu and Yuyuko a lot too. I don’t really like the one of Youmu though. The other characters I don’t like at all, I really dislike Yukari. If I got Yukari then I’d have to use it. DESTROY YUKARI. :’D Chen is okay, I guess, and I don’t have any feelings positive or negative about Ran.

Anyway, tl;dr, as this post really is…

Star Trek is rad.

Pokémon is too.

Macintoshes sometimes are, except when they aren’t.

Touhou erasers.


April 25, 2010 - 2 Responses

Crowd photo~ yeah!

Con was… AWESOME. :’D I wish I could go back… there are hours left. :(

But it was fun while it lasted.

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April 21, 2010 - 2 Responses

Something new I got today… Tsukasa, one of my most favourite anime characters, and the character who I have the most figures of, I have five Tsukasa. :D I don’t really have much to say about this figure, I bought her at Anime Sekai, they are pretty good, sort of expensive, but when you consider that most of their stuff is kind of hard to find, I guess it is worth it, and they are really the only store I know of besides Big Pfeiffer that sells trading figures separatly.

Five Tsukasa~ :D

animinitime schedule

April 15, 2010 - One Response

Hooray, it’s posted! Well, I think it was posted yesterday, but I didn’t see. Anyway, this is probably what I’ll be doing. Green squares are basically just sit around, shop, see cosplayers, attempt to make a friend, idk. Also, I don’t know about the last two hours, if I’d be able to stay that long. I guess the closing ceremony is not that super important. XD I hope it will be fun and I hope I can enjoy it to its fullest potential. :)

Now, here are some Pikachu I drew. :’D

Random story, yesterday I was listening to my iPod, and my friend said, “I saw that.” like wanting to be the very best like no one ever was,was something to be ashamed of, because I was listening to 2.B.A. Master. But, I think she owns the CD. :’P Also, the day before that, I found a printed picture of a Pachiritsu. Even if he’s fourth gen, he’s kind of cute. :3

mandarake loot

April 6, 2010 - 5 Responses

Her is my loot from Mandarake~ :’D Which was taxed. :(

I’m really sad / annoyed about that… $18 shouldn’t be taxed! I thought it was at $20 things got taxed… maybe it’s different with DHL? Actually, seems like every time I get taxed, it’s when something is shipped by DHL… hmm.

Anyway, yay, MariAli~ those two are my favourite characters in Touhou. It’s because of them I found it, way back in 2007, I found an AMV of Haruhi and Marisa Stole the Precious Thing. I was really amazed with the music, I mean, it’s on nearly the same level as Miko Miko Nurse. :’D When I discovered it was a game, and one generally regarded as being pretty hard, I was n0t interested. But I still liked these two characters a lot.

Later, in 2008, I think, there was a Touhou anime episode created by a group called MAIKAZE, I’m sure everyone knows that, and I watched it out of curiosity, and boredom too. It made me familiar with some of the other characters… eventually, we got to the point when a lot of Touhou figures started being made, like by Griffon, and that introduced even more characters to me. Recently, I became more of a fan of Touhou, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I even started playing the games a few months ago, they are kind of overrated, but reading the dialouge (thank you, translators!) did make me like certain characters more, and like characters who I didn’t even know existed, like Keine.

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I don’t want to call it a rant…

April 5, 2010 - One Response

‘Cos, I just made one, right… well, these aren’t really rants, more like expressions of annoyance. Or something. Idk, I’m just doing a fail job of covering it up… just as fail as the above picture fails at making sense. Keine with a Furby, Toro, and a squid? It’s a super cute picture though. :D

Anyway, tomorrow, I think you’ll be seeing a good post, my Mandarake gets, I hope will come…

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My newest, most awful obsession. No, not TEXTp. No, not even this video that the screencap was taken from, but the series it’s comes from. Well, it’s not like that is in the actual thing, but yeah, whatever. It’s related. Well, more than that… moving on…

Would just love to say, TEXTp is love. I hope they keep it, but if not, I’ve been recording all my favourite stuff with Hypercam… ahaha. :P

I hate how people are calling it ASCII art though. :| I guess it sort of is, but idk…

Also, my stuff from Mandarake shipped today, I guess I’ll get it next week. I really regret making the purchase, I spent like $45 for two books (one 24 page doujin, and a 160p book which I guess is an anthology of manga and illustrations), a pencil board (that’s what I think it is lol…) and a keychain… but I can’t wait, ALICE~ <3

(yeah, it’s all touhou stuff. :P)

r-r-rant: another rant :3

March 21, 2010 - 4 Responses

This time, no, it’s not about hypocritical lolicon… have some Marisa anyway… well, okay not like she’s loli, but w/e moving on~

(and besides my last rant was about Daiki :P)

Okay, I just found out something terrible. :(


Figutto Reimu and Marisa that is… I just found out, it’s really disappointing.

This means… my June orders will come to 10380!

Also, I was considering ordering Clayz Alice, but that would make it 18360.

Ugh… current order will mean like, $30 in custom tax, and with Alice too… I don’t want to think about it.