Miku Figma

Got my Miku figma~ I really love her. Except one thing: Her shoulder snapped. But I glued it back on, and just as long as I don’t try and move it, it’s fine. Besides, nothing can take away from the cuteness of this figure! [Although I may possibly buy a second to replace this one, and just have this one on display rather than play with.]


Lulu wants to sing too!

But Miku gets out a gun…

And is now shooting Saber?

Zero comes to save Saber?

Then Miku trys to fly away, or something.

And Miku steals Zero’s cape since she happnes to look so cute in it…


Something less nonsensical next time…

2 Responses

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  2. Like the pics ^_^. Grats on the new blog!

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