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Koto Konomi GET~
January 31, 2009

What a wonderful way to end January! My second figure, Konomi Yuzuhara from ToHeart2, made by Kotobukiya. She’s an older figure, from 2005, but is still of great quality, definitely worth the $23 I paid for her, at a local store.


January 30, 2009

At first, I didn’t like Luka’s character design, too RPG-y, and her voice didn’t seem that great either. Afternoon Sunshine, she sounded really bleh… but with this all English song, Luka, I really started to like her.


i[ta]Pod and Animaritime
January 29, 2009

I always feel like my life is like rubbish. My so-called “friends” don’t really care about me, I feel like I’m doing terrible in school, and I never have enough money to buy what I want [but then, I guess, who does?] But it’s nice to know, that good things actually can happen…

I’m going to an anime convention! (more…)

Hatsune Miku 1:8
January 18, 2009

Just got her today [or rather, tonight], and wow, she’s such an amazing figure.


Junjou Romantica Nendoroids!
January 7, 2009

AkihikoWow, I was so shocked when I saw this on Tsuki-Board! Junjou Romantica Petit Nendoroids! It’s a set of three, Akihiko, Misaki, and Suzuki-san!


pinky:st arc
January 6, 2009

hiding!, originally uploaded by ♦♣ Marshmallow in Wonderland ♠♥.