Junjou Romantica Nendoroids!

AkihikoWow, I was so shocked when I saw this on Tsuki-Board! Junjou Romantica Petit Nendoroids! It’s a set of three, Akihiko, Misaki, and Suzuki-san!

Really, I thought this was something that would only happen in my imagination, for GSC to be making them is like a dream come true. XD [Although not for my bank account!]

Unofortunately, they are a Chara-ani exclusive, but Nihonju has them up for pre-order. The only thing is,  I’m very confused about Nihonju’s preorder process. Do you have to use points of a gift certificate to preorder stuff there? Also, blargh! Why do you have to pay immediately!? I can’t! D:

I guess I’ll have to wait to preorder them, they come out it August so I guess I’m safe for a while! Still, it’s so hard to keep track of money and figures and everything.

Febuary I’ve got the Yoshika nendoroid, Tsukasa in March, I had someone order the 1:8 Hatsune Miku for me, and it should come around Friday [bye-bye, $60!], and lastly, the rest of the money for my celga order of Swimmer stuff should need to be paid soon. Oh, and then there’s the Junjou Romantica iPod cover I got, which has been paid, although the echeque hasn’t processed yet. For that though, I was disappointed that the total cost of it was more than what I had in my Paypal account, and it was the same thing for this! But both were such a small bit over, it really annoyed me!

But I did a survey yesterday that will [in four to six weeks D:] add $5 to my Paypal, maybe that’ll add enough so that I can pay this with the money in my Paypal alone? Or maybe the dollar could be nice and go up, it’s so fail, whether it’s compared to the yen or the U.S.’s dollar.

2 Responses

  1. omg DO WANT.

  2. Wow… Its a lot of money for vocaliod stuff these days, but I only got The first and second series of Junjou romantica for $15..>! sorry sorry, the books take a while to get, I HATE WAITING. Pre-ordering is so annoying… cause it there but you know you can’t get it…

    So close yet so far away…

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