Hatsune Miku 1:8

Just got her today [or rather, tonight], and wow, she’s such an amazing figure.

Even the box is amazing. Shiny and very pretty. 

Typical Miku cuteness~

Again amazing are her twintails. There is no other word to describe them.

Even very cute pantsu. I love ribbon pantsu, I think they’re much cuter than shimapan. ^^ 

figma Miku using the skirt as a cape? 


Anyway, I’m really pleased with her, a wonderful choice for a first figure and a great price too, $66, and I didn’t have to pay shipping. Her yen price in Canadian dollars is currently $72, and that’s without shipping, so woohoo, thank you, Big Pffeifer~ I think I even like them better than HLJ. :D [But then again, who wouldn’t prefer a store that will personally deliver your stuff, and won’t charge for it?]

5 Responses

  1. SHIMAPAN WIN ALWAYS!! Pantsu ribbons are cute yes, but shimapan win out. How bout a comprimise? Shimapan with ribbons? lol

    She is lovely….. such a lovely face… And I do love twintails… The only twintails I have right now are my petit Lucky Star nendo’s, my Miku Nendo, and my Kagami figma. I’ve ordered a Miku figma though. Soon….

  2. Wow she’s gorgeous!
    I already have the Figma Miku but will have to make a not of this one for the future XD
    I think ribbon pantsu are the best too lol

  3. Where did you get this one? I’ve seen a few on eBay and online stores but did you grab this one locally?

  4. Oops, Big Pffeifer is a shop. I thought it was a person. My bad XD

  5. […] figma, a nendoroid, and some trading figures, but no big scale figures. In January though, I added Miku to my collection. Konomi followed her at the end of the month, and a second Konomi, in swimsuit was […]

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