i[ta]Pod and Animaritime

I always feel like my life is like rubbish. My so-called “friends” don’t really care about me, I feel like I’m doing terrible in school, and I never have enough money to buy what I want [but then, I guess, who does?] But it’s nice to know, that good things actually can happen…

I’m going to an anime convention!

This has been a dream of mine for a while now, in Nova Scotia, there are none, the closest is in New Brunswick, which I always felt I could never go to because it’s too far away. [Alright, it’s really only a 3 hour drive, but still, I didn’t think anyone would be willing to drive me there.]

But anyway, back on Saturday, I went down to Strange Adventures, a comic shop here in Halifax, to look an see if they had any good stuff. I didn’t buy anything [they did have two of this pretty nice looking Shana figure by Toy’s Planning for $50 each, but there’s a figure at this other store that I want, and besides, I have a coupon for them. XD ], but the visit wasn’t pointless. THey had a poster there advertising the convention, Animaritime, and my ad asked if it was something I’d want to do, which to I explained how I’d wanted to go for years and years [four or five]. So, now, I’m going to the con~ yay!

The only thing is, I can’t say  I’m prepared. The con is on March 6th to 8th, I’ll be going on the 7th. Even though it’s not like I need to, I really want to cosplay for this, Nagi from ef.

She’s probably the only anime character I could cosplay; she’s the only anime character I’ve seen wearing purple glasses like mine. But, the pic above, no glasses! Of the few pictures of Nagi on the internet, pretty much none of them are of meganeko Nagi. Except this one.

The only place I’ve found selling the uniforms from ef is here.

$77 USD… -gulp-

But I should be getting my Celga refund soon, that was $73USD [but I paid in Canadian , so I don’t know if they’ll refund me in Canadian dollars or American dollars…], and I’ve got around $30 in my Paypal… hopefully that’d be enough… ^^;;;

But then, money to spend at the convention? I need at the least $30 since I’ll be picking up the Nendoroid Miku I preordered, but I’m going to buy more than that! Uguuu…

This post is getting pretty long, so I’ll end it here… but forgot to mention my i[ta]Pod.

No picture of the front, I took one but it didn’t turn out, the front it mostly just the same pink, and then with “you make speak of love once you have experienced it” that shows up on a lot of Junjou Romantica stuff.

2 Responses

  1. It sounds as thought youre going through a rough time, just keep your head up and keep going things will get better im sure of it!
    Congrats on getting to go to a Con too, ive never been to one personally but im sure you will have a great time ^^

  2. Your first con huh? I’m going to my first this year as well! Good luck eh? :D

    btw, where did you buy that iPod cover?! it’s sooo cute! do want.

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