At first, I didn’t like Luka’s character design, too RPG-y, and her voice didn’t seem that great either. Afternoon Sunshine, she sounded really bleh… but with this all English song, Luka, I really started to like her.

Stay by my Side


Post Office

Euphoric Field

Lost My Music

[the “i still i still i love you” part sounded kinda funny, but the “i’m waiting waiting forever” almost sounded real.]

She’s no match for Miku’s cuteness or Meiko’s voice, and she probably doesn’t look as cute a maid as Len does, but Luka is quickly growing on me, and I’ll be quite happy the day a Nendoroid of her will be on my shelf.

Miku will always be number one~

2 Responses

  1. As a J-Core DJ I’ve fallen in love with all things Vocaloid.

    I do find them to be overused in alot of Japanese Hardcore, especially by REDALiCE but I still love Mikuuu~

  2. […] Luka is my favourite of the set for sure… at first, when she was announced oh so long ago, I didn’t like her, but she grew on me, as seen in this rather old post. […]

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