Koto Konomi GET~

What a wonderful way to end January! My second figure, Konomi Yuzuhara from ToHeart2, made by Kotobukiya. She’s an older figure, from 2005, but is still of great quality, definitely worth the $23 I paid for her, at a local store.

Possibly my favourite part of this figure is the little chick on her bag. <3 I don’t really know the character, and this probably isn’t true, but I’m going to think of her as a fujoshi now, the chick kinda makes me think of Junjou Romantica. :3

Back view. I love how her sailor collar flows out behind her.

If I was to find anything I disliked about her, it’d be the fact that there aren’t anydetails in her hair. The back of her hair is just plain… I won’t be displaying her backside out of course though, so it doesn’t bother me too much, but even my twintailed Pinky:st have those lines where the hair is pulled together in  a ponytail.

“Slipped and fell” pantsu shot…

Wow, I’ve taken more pictures of the back of Konomi than the front… ^^;; But my pictures aren’t that great anyway, although I guess there aren’t really that many pictures of this Konomi, I think Meimi132  has a few on her blog, and here are a few [japanese] reviews of her: 








6 Responses

  1. She’s such a cute figure! the chick is a cute little touch too lol
    and at $23 you cant go far wrong…
    Youre so lucky to be able to pick it up at a local store, theres nothing like that here at all =[

  2. She is soo cute!!! I love her face.

  3. Wouldn’t have happened to get this at Strange Adventures would you? I think i’ve seen it there.

    • Nope, Quantum Frontier. They’ve got a pretty good selection for anime figures, well, for Halifax that is. XD

  4. Oh sweet. Where are they located? I’m sure if I do a google search I could find it hehe.

  5. […] some trading figures, but no big scale figures. In January though, I added Miku to my collection. Konomi followed her at the end of the month, and a second Konomi, in swimsuit was purchased in February, […]

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