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Junjou Nendoroids… Misaki image!
February 26, 2009

Wow~ Misaki’s image was posted at Tsuki-Board! I don’t know where Yakumo got it, as it wasn’t on the page at Chara-Ani, but whatever! Normally, I don’t really think of guys as moe, but Misaki is so moe~! Nice Tsun-tsun face, would be perfect for Hiroki. AUGH I WANT A HIROKI NENDOROID… WITH GLASSES AND A BOOK AND A THROWING ARM. And then there needs to be a full sized Misaki too, with some sort of pose where he’s ducking or something. XD

Anyway~ that’s all, BLARGH I WISH I PREORDERED THEM. ;____________; DAMN LIMITEDS!! D:

Konomi #2
February 21, 2009

Woohoo~ another figure GET! Konomi again. ^^ This time, Frill Tube Top ver, 1:7 scale and made back in ’07.