Konomi #2

Woohoo~ another figure GET! Konomi again. ^^ This time, Frill Tube Top ver, 1:7 scale and made back in ’07. 

She’s so cute~

I love how you can choose between the float ring or the sandals as an acessory.

Or you can use both!

Back view~


The float ring is adorable, I love the sakura pattern. 

My favourite thing about this figure is using other acessories.

Neko Arc is love~ (even if she’s a bit small for Konomi)

Rätsätsää ja ribidabi dilla, Beritstan dillan dillan doo, A baribbattaa baribariiba, Dibi dibidibi disten dillan doo…

Re-ment kettle. I think I’ll display her like this, but I’m not sure.

The only problem with this figure is she’s a little out-of-season, you know, with it being winter and all. So, Konomi has decided to “hibernate” until summer comes. 

[Okay not really, although I may have to put her back in her box until I can find a good spot for her, maybe next to my 1:8 Konomi but I’m not sure.]



6 Responses

  1. Omg awesome! I need some new figures :S

  2. Also, the rear end is amazing *_*

    • Lol. XD

  3. Awwh some great pictures!
    I agree she sure is cute XD

  4. Kawaii na!!! Me wants! Oh I want so many To Heart figures… too many….

  5. […] though, I added Miku to my collection. Konomi followed her at the end of the month, and a second Konomi, in swimsuit was purchased in February, who still holds the spot as my number one favourite figure. […]

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