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Tsukasa Nendo get~
March 30, 2009


The most moeness that ever will exsist… Tsukasa!


[filler because i’m bored]
March 28, 2009


Oh, Di Gi Charat, how I love you… 


March 21, 2009


As if the figure wasn’t bad enough… COSPA decides to come out with some BRS goods…


;____; I GAVE IN.
March 17, 2009


I gave in, and preordered her.

But those eyes are gorgeous. (both pairs, optical look spectacular, and lower? Mmm, DFC.) I’m not sure how well she’ll fit in with the rest of my figures, lets see… GSC 1:8 Miku; happy, somewhat colourful, Koto 1:8 Konomi; happy, pink, eroge chara, Koto 1:7 Konomi; happy, pink, eroge chara, Alter 1:8 Fauna; happy, colourful and pink, eroge chara. But BRS is none of those. XD

[Also I have my Sega orgol Miku, but she’s non-scale, so she doesn’t count.]

: D
March 7, 2009

Woo~ Animaritime was… interesting, to say the least. It was fun though, and I’ll go next year too… ^^ So here’s my post for it, and my loot as well, which I’m super happy with.


Anime Harem~
March 6, 2009

A lot of people were posting these on Danny Choo, but I figured I was a little late and decided to not post it there, instead, just here on my blog. About Akito and Agito, I decided to fit them both in there, they are the same person after all. ;P

Anyway, I’ve got Hirono Nagi [ef ~a tale of melodies~], Akito/Agito [Air Gear], Kamijou Hiroki [Junjou Romantica], Usada Hikaru [Di Gi Charat], Yuzuhara Konomi [ToHeart2], Nagi [Kannagi], Kururugi Suzaku [Code Geass], and Mikuriya Jin [Kannagi]. 

Also, Animaritime tommorow! After I eat some dessert or something, I’ll be going to bed lol. XD

March 3, 2009

Couldn’t find a picture to fit what I wanted, but I love this illustration, my two favourite Strike Witches. [Well, and Elizabeth, but she’s only in the novels, which I haven’t read, and I like her mostly only for her design.][And maybe that, like Lynette, she’s based off a Canadian. XD]

Anyway~ woo three more days! I’m assuming my cosplay won’t come on time, but whatever, there’s always next year. Although I wonder what I should wear this year, normal is not an option. ;P