Couldn’t find a picture to fit what I wanted, but I love this illustration, my two favourite Strike Witches. [Well, and Elizabeth, but she’s only in the novels, which I haven’t read, and I like her mostly only for her design.][And maybe that, like Lynette, she’s based off a Canadian. XD]

Anyway~ woo three more days! I’m assuming my cosplay won’t come on time, but whatever, there’s always next year. Although I wonder what I should wear this year, normal is not an option. ;P

Either this and this or this and this… I kinda want to wear the BTSSB cardigan just ‘cos it’s BTSSB… but the other sweater has bunny ears. :3 Well, I’ve got three days to decide, unless some miracle happens and I get my cosplay. 

^ Stuff I’ll be taking with me, wallet [cutest wallet in the world :3], iPod [also, cutest iPod in the world], CD player in case my iPod battery dies, and um, Lulu? Well, maybe not but whatever. And my camera which I obviously cannot take a picture of, lol.

Random picture, but I love that illustration~ so cute!! Even if I don’t like Code Geass that much anymore, I still love them. And besides, they’re voiced by my two most favourite seiyuu ever~Fukuyama always sounds so ridiculous [except in the case of Keita from Gakuen Heaven, ‘cos that’s his normal voice].

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