Anime Harem~

A lot of people were posting these on Danny Choo, but I figured I was a little late and decided to not post it there, instead, just here on my blog. About Akito and Agito, I decided to fit them both in there, they are the same person after all. ;P

Anyway, I’ve got Hirono Nagi [ef ~a tale of melodies~], Akito/Agito [Air Gear], Kamijou Hiroki [Junjou Romantica], Usada Hikaru [Di Gi Charat], Yuzuhara Konomi [ToHeart2], Nagi [Kannagi], Kururugi Suzaku [Code Geass], and Mikuriya Jin [Kannagi]. 

Also, Animaritime tommorow! After I eat some dessert or something, I’ll be going to bed lol. XD

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