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Woo~ Animaritime was… interesting, to say the least. It was fun though, and I’ll go next year too… ^^ So here’s my post for it, and my loot as well, which I’m super happy with.

I can’t say I really did much there. Went in, registered, lined up for the dealers room, went it there, bought some stuff from Big Pfeiffer, left the dealers room and looked at cosplayers, went back to the dealers room, saw a figure I wanted but couldn’t afford, went to the bank, bought said figure, watched cosplayers again, bought another figure, watched cosplayers, saw the masquarade and left. Cosplayers and then vending room. Well, once I thought that was all the goes on at conventions, and I guess that could be true, it was in this case, but maybe I’d actually do some other stuff if I was with someone… more interesting? More insane? More… not my dad? LOL. :P Whatever though, at least he doesn’t really care how much I spend. [But then again, when I got home, I was surprised that my mum really didn’t care how much I spent.]

Anyway, I didn’t take many photos, mostly because I don’t like talking to people and so I was too nerveous to ask if I could take their photo, even though I’m sure they would have been happy  to lol. Then the masqurade, where I tried to get photos, this guy’s head was in the way. And if his head wasn’t in the way, this Narutard in front of him was. ;P

But then he got a knife stuck in his head.

… okay not really. That’s just the awesome sword of this Ichigo cosplayer with bad hair. But his sword was great.

My photo is just about as bad as his hair was, but yeah, not really Ichigo’s hair. :P

This nine-tails fox I am so glad I got a picture of. Strange, but still kinda cool.


Well, I actually hate Kingdom Hearts, but this Axel was pretty cool. Also, I don’t know if it was the same one, but there was another Axel, with Roxas, and I whispered to myself, as the BL fangirl I am, that I hope they make out… and they did. : D But then later I saw them and I realized that the Axel was a girl. D: [At least the Roxas wasn’t, or didn’t look like it.]

Jesus. XD Terrible photo, but very amusing, especially when the announcer person was like “so-an-so [wasn’t paying attention to names] as Jesus from… the Bible!” 

My shoes. They’re black and they have two buckles.  :P

Loot. Pretty happy with it, Fauna is great, and the music box Miku is really good for Sega and it’s so cute hearing it play Eva’s Polka, Nendoroid Miku, well, nearly everyone has her, she’s pretty good, although I hate the base.

To end this off, my figure box tower(s). : D

2 Responses

  1. Haha the cosplayers look awesome! Im glad you had a good time…
    Ive never been to a convention or anything but id like to in the future, it looks like a great experience ^^
    Great choice of figures by the way!

  2. […] in February, who still holds the spot as my number one favourite figure. With Animaritime in March, Fauna by Alter was acquired, and four months later, I bought Nagi while on holiday, who I had been […]

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