As if the figure wasn’t bad enough… COSPA decides to come out with some BRS goods…

There they are… four types of t-shirts, in sizes M, L, and XL, two mugs, and two notebooks. First I just preordered one of the notebooks, but now I’ve ended up preordering both notebooks and the black mug. ^^;;

36701Although now, the question… to use or not to use? Total price for these was around $25 Canadian, probably will be over $30 with shipping. orz I’ll probably use one of the notebooks, although which one? I actually don’t like the white one much, I might cancel it and replace it with a second black one, one to keep and one to draw and write in. Not sure, I guess I’ll have to decide soon.

EDIT: Changed banner to my BRS illustration. :3 Blargh, I’m becoming as much as a BRS fangirl just the same as Miku.

4 Responses

  1. So much BRS stuff coming out! I bet supercell and huke are getting tons of money from this recent merch. xD I do love her very much though <3

    Btw, you have a pretty neat blog. Adding you to my blogroll~

  2. Added you back. ^^

    Yeah, the royalties that they’re going to be getting will be pretty good, even if she isn’t Miku, her relation to Miku pretty much equals instant popularity. I kinda wonder if Crypton and Yamaha will get anything, then again it isn’t their character though.

  3. I love your pic ^^
    Nice banner ^^
    her robber friends are yui and ryofuko nendoroid!!!

    • LOL, eee, Yui is so terrible, so cute but too expensive.

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