[filler because i’m bored]


Oh, Di Gi Charat, how I love you… 

As the title says, filler because I’m bored and have nothing else to do. Anyway, Earth Hour was just a short while ago, I ended up watching this Di Gi Charat special. I really need to watch the rest, the only ones I’ve watched are the original, the movie and Winter Garden. I think of the three, Winter Garden is my favourite. It may not be incredibly hilarious, filled with stupid jokes that never get old, instead, it just feels like any eroge based anime that had the H taken away for the anime. But at least, the animation quality stays that same. XD

Some manges to look pretty good;




But then there’s this poor excuse for anime;


At least it’s still better than Akikan! [Despite that this is eight years older.]

[Well, at least to me.]


Not only does it make Najimi want to cry, but Suzahira Hiro too. ^^;;

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