Tsukasa Nendo get~


The most moeness that ever will exsist… Tsukasa!


Contents of the box~do excuse my crappy photos, unlike Foobarbaz, I don’t have this.


Four views.


This face is AMAZING. I wonder, does she make a face like this in the anime? [I’ve watched like no Lucky Star. To me, Lucky Star is just Sketchbook ~full colour’S~ but with too many Haruhi references. ]


With her petit twin~ this really shows how much detail GSC put into the petit version of Tsukasa, the two are near identical.

Anyway, this is a very nice figure, 10/10, although she gets an extra point from me since I’m a Tsukasa fangirl.

2 Responses

  1. She’s uber cute! You’re almost making me want to get her >_<

  2. Tsukasa! <33 One of the cutest anime girls ever.

    I’m pretty sure she made that face in the anime, but I can’t recall the exact moment. She as too many funny faces. :D

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