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Pure Neemo Nagi and Zange?
April 27, 2009


(Picture source: Danny Choo) (Flickr)

Japanese dolls… I used to like them, a few years ago, but nowadays, pfft don’t care. I don’t know. I really wanted a BJD, but back then I didn’t have any source of money other than $5 a week allowance… ended up getting a Pullip and customised with a new wig and body, but blargh, never really loved her like I did Pinky:st or any other figures. This may not make too much sense, but dolls are troublesome. Especially Jun Planning’s garbage quality, but I guess that’s why their figures are distributed by Taki Corparation. XD

But anyway these are Azone, and Azone has great stuff. Actually, the new body was Azone/Obitsu, soft-bust, great posability, no sqeaking, not floppy, just perfect. Well, these are Pure Neemo, and Pure Neemo bodies are mostly for looks than posability. But anyway, it’s Nagi, so I don’t care, and I have faith in Azone for making a good looking Nagi. See their Yuno’s sweet face! My only fear though… greasy looking hair; maybe that’s just the photos, but I think Yuno’s hair looks so greasy! Also, Zange… mostly, Pure Neemo are very DFC bodies, but Zange is not. There is the F type body with more of a chest, but it looks terrible! Eh, I don’t care about Zange, but a flat Zange is like a flat Tama-nee! 

Kaito getto~
April 19, 2009


I got him~ actually, I wasn’t going to get him, ‘cos I didn’t like the third face. (too GAR, not moe enough.) But then BigPfeiffer had one for sale, so I had to buy him.


April 18, 2009