I don’t go on ANN much anymore. Only if I’m really bored, although I do kinda enjoy their webcomic, it’s usually pretty funny and the expressions are always great. But other than that, everything is just kinda… garbage-y.

But I kinda like Answerman, especially after Brian took over. But before, I really only enjoyed the Flakes because I love seeing people who are much less intelligent than I am. But this flake… ehhhh…

Yo, Mr. Answerman. I am The Founder, Owner, and President of the United States Department of Lolicon(aka, Lolicon Fans Against Pedophilia), Acting Interim Director for the Lolicon Defense Task Force, and Reporter for WDOL Loli Podcast Radio(Comming Soon).
Now that Introduction is over, I have a Few Questions for you if you dont mind.
(Bolded Questions are Importian Questions)
  1. Whats your Real Name?(It will never be releaced on Radio nor Online, just between you and me)
  2. What make you such an Expert in Anime?
  3. Who hired you to be the “Answer Man” on the Anime News Network
  4. What is your Collage Education(as in Deploma’s Achived and/or working towards)
  5. What is your Career?
  6. Are you Japanese or what?
  7. Why in the Hell do you hate “Lolicon” so much?
Could you please tell me those Questions? Question #6 is for an Up comming Podcast Report to answer questions my some of My Members have wondered.
(Incase you are wondering)
  1. Yes, Akemi Loli Mokoto is My Real Whole Name(It was Legally Changed this year).
  2. The United States Department of Lolicon is Offically Registered in the Goverment Database, We have a Few Trademarks, and Several Copyrights on Content. We have 7 Websites and Nearly 200 Members.
  3. I am not a Crasy Person, I am a Strom Chaser,Self Proclaimed “Lolitologist”, and Anti-Pedophile Activist.

At first my thoughts were, why is this guy flake worthy. Sure, his spelling and grammar is just plain disgusting, and to legally change your name to a Japanese name… I’m sorry, but that is just so weaboo-y, (Seriously, the only way that could be worse is if you added “chan” or “sama” to it. ) but yeah, liking loli =/= pedophile. And then there’s this image on his MySpace: http://i330.photobucket.com/albums/l416/USDL/NewCampain.jpg

Completely agree. Nothing wrong at all with 2D loli because it’s not real. And it’s as simple as that.

But then there’s his other Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/akemi_loli_mokoto

And that’s where I get pissed off.

I am 18 years old and I live with a 14 year old girl who I do sleep with. Its a long story. I Live in the Northern Deep Creek Section of Chesapeake, VA which is in the North Central to North-North-West part of the city. I have been in almost 5 tornados so far. I am a Lightning Strike Survivor and I’m at Risk of Cancer according to my Family History.


I am an Over-opinionated, Loliphilic, Offensive, Arrogant Son of a Bitch who Fucks a 14 year old and has no regard for the Results. I suffer from 5 Complexes:

You say you’re against pedophilia but fuck a 14 year old? What the hell. Really, I don’t care about her. She’s obviously some useless whore who’ll never succed in life. But what I do hate… you say you’re against pedophilia and you do that? Fucking disgusting. Like, how do you explain that. “It’s a long story…” I’m sure it is… and it’s the sister of his dead friend? That just makes it even more twisted.

Although, I’d like to believe that it’s not actually true and this loli is nothing more than a Dutch wife, and not a Candy Girl, one of these with Kokonoe Rin’s face printed out and taped to it.

Also, this failure needs to learn how to spell. I don’t mind if someone who is not from an English speaking country doesn’t know proper spelling and grammar, after all English is the hardest language to learn, isn’t it? But if this guy is American, uh, I think you should be fluent in English.

Ugh though, this is the kind of person that gives real 2D loving lolicon a bad name, and have UNICEF come after us. A real lolicon should stick to this;


Ink is made of moe~ 

Real loli = 3d disgusting pig!


(well, I don’t like to say pig, ‘cos then I’m thinking obese and I never ever see anyone who’s really obsese, I guess that’s a good thing. )


6 Responses

  1. At first I thought this was just a really elaborate troll but apparently he’s been around for a few years. Uh..wow.

    Ugh. Seems like that girl has some issues and he’s taking advantage of her. He should know better. =_= Not to mention the AOC in Virginia is 18.

    If some news network ever decides to do a “omg dangerous underground illustrated child pornography” story you just know that they’ll only feature the crazies like these.

  2. did you see this week’s answer man, the pervent sent a reply email.

  3. Wow, you should definitely NOT give this guy your real name, he’s a very angry person who sends death threats.

    • I really don’t care. It’s just some random guy on the internet, he doesn’t have magical powers or anything.

    • Wait what?! Me? Nonono, I dont send Death Threats. Besides, Your a Pedophile on Wikisposure’s Pedolist Tyciol. Im no random guy on the internet also Mar-chan. Maybe you need to do some research first!

      • Ho ho, I see you took down your blog reply to this post, too bad it’s SAVED =P

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