Kaito getto~


I got him~ actually, I wasn’t going to get him, ‘cos I didn’t like the third face. (too GAR, not moe enough.) But then BigPfeiffer had one for sale, so I had to buy him.


It’s really nice out today, so I decided to take pictures outdoors.


Figure photographs done outside are always much easier, there’s all sorts of light and there isn’t any random clutter or something that might accidentally get into the photo. (First photo you can see a bit of the pink from my wall… ^^;;)


These first photos were all on the steps and deck ‘cos I didn’t think I was going to spend much time outside, so I was still wearing slippers, and I didn’t want to get them dirty, would kind of defeat the purpose of wearing them.


Just realised that he’s in pretty much the same pose in all of these photos, even the first one… seems sort of boring that way, lol.


Recently we had the big tree in our backyard cut down, as well as the one out front. 


I think it’s kinda sad, but I never get a say in stuff like this. :<


Still, I like how these photos turned out.


Haven’t really said anything about the figure, but there isn’t much to say, typical Nendoroid, although I notice the quality of them has gone way up.


My favourite photo. 



2 Responses

  1. 8D

    nice pics.

  2. Nii-san~ Great pics. I like taking outdoor photos as well. :3

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