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Pure Neemo Nagi!!
May 23, 2009


Oh my… Nagi.


gumi~ <3
May 16, 2009


Gumi; Ranka as a Vocaloid + moe times a million, and for me, a possible Miku killer…


Kokonoe Rin nendo get~ :3
May 10, 2009


I love Kojikan. I don’t care what anyone says, it has a story, and Rin has reasons. I think it’s kind of obvious. She doesn’t really have anyone who loves her, so she trys to catch the attention of the teacher (whose name I always forget).  But as for shows like Kanokon? I don’t watch them, but does Chizuru have any reason other than to please ronery otaku and sell character goods? 

Probably not, although I must admit, I love Kotobukiya’s Chizuru figure. She looks so cute, although it’s a shame she doesn’t come with bare arms, it makes the cast-off kinda ridiculous.

But I don’t have her, probably never will. Here’s a figure I do have though, my latest get, nendo Kokonoe Rin~