Kokonoe Rin nendo get~ :3


I love Kojikan. I don’t care what anyone says, it has a story, and Rin has reasons. I think it’s kind of obvious. She doesn’t really have anyone who loves her, so she trys to catch the attention of the teacher (whose name I always forget).  But as for shows like Kanokon? I don’t watch them, but does Chizuru have any reason other than to please ronery otaku and sell character goods? 

Probably not, although I must admit, I love Kotobukiya’s Chizuru figure. She looks so cute, although it’s a shame she doesn’t come with bare arms, it makes the cast-off kinda ridiculous.

But I don’t have her, probably never will. Here’s a figure I do have though, my latest get, nendo Kokonoe Rin~ 

100_2009No idea on this… Rasengan? Kinda looks like it, I think, or maybe it was something else… was a very long time ago when I last watched any Naruto, lol. But, you can do a lot of different poses with Rin, she comes with a lot of arm parts.




How I’m currently displaying her. 


I rearanged my shelf. But in the end, I didn’t change much.


Kaito moved to the second shelf, down from the first one, and Miku moved from my desk. Kagamin was next to Fauna before, but now she’s where Lelouch was. And Lelouch is up on the first shelf. (Although I don’t think he’s that noticable there. I wanted to put him on my desk, but there isn’t any room.)


I made no changes down here though. I like it as it is, although I might have to change it I ever get any more anime DVDs. The anime I’d love to own on DVD are Junjou Romantica, Kannagi, Kojikan (so not likely, lol), Nurse Witch Komugi, Air Gear, and FLCL. 


Desk, only thing changed was that Rin is in Miku’s space. 


Random unrelated end picture. Tanner.


2 Responses

  1. Nice!

    I love your display ~

    Your bunny is so cute, I want one ~

    I can’t have one pet >:

  2. Jealooooooooooous~

    The drama in Kojika is the only thing keeping me reading.

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