gumi~ <3


Gumi; Ranka as a Vocaloid + moe times a million, and for me, a possible Miku killer…

The Rankaloid is revealed! But, actually, it’s Megpoid Gumi. But regardless of her name, what a moe character design! Even if the official illustration for her is kinda terrible looking, her character design is amazingly cute. And besides, I hate KEI’s art, so what difference does it make? Still, Gumi’s design is way better than any of the other Vocaloids, she beats Miku even by a tiny bit. 

So, anyway, GUMI GALLERY!! 

71b3eacbea5aa360d4ab261ee9cf05e8 (1)

Of all the illustrations of her I’ve seen so far, this one is the cutest. Plus, these goggles look way better than the other ones.


Look what those lead too… 


I guess her item is a carrot? Ranka, doesn’t she have a carrot suit or something? (I was looking at Ranka pictures earlier today, Gumi’s got me really liking Ranka now too…)


Orange thighhighs~ I wonder what kind of socks she does wear… 


More different goggles… a lot of the fan art, the costume is slightly different, especially her stomach, some it’s covered, some covered, but it’s transparent, and some, like this, nothing. I think the uncovered stomach is best, then a short white ruffly shirt underneath?


My thought on Gumi’s shirt?


With Ranka. I don’t actually like this illustration much, but it’s a really good comparison of the two, really similar.

gumigumi coloured

My own illustration of Gumi~ I’ll probably properly “ink” and colour this later. (and not in MS Paint… D: )

4 Responses

  1. O gawd, don’t tell me this is gonna be another craze?? I’m still recovering from the kira!.

  2. Rainbow carrot loves you, yeah!

  3. I remember the official art is more crappy than the fan made XD

    Maybe they should hire fans to do the job


    • That would be much better, to get some people off pixiv or somewhere. The guy who did the art for Gumi may be a professional manga artist, but that doesn’t stop the illustrations from looking like rubbish.

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