Black Rock Shooter Goods GET


Got my Black Rock Shooter mug and notebook today!

One thing I’m really happy about is how short this took to arrive. My estimate for shipping time is always 14 buisness days, but things always arrive earlier. Usually, it’s two days earlier, but today it was four! It’s a new record! XD

100_2949I’m really happy with the quality of this stuff, it’s really nice. But, something I noticed was the mug was a little shorter than other mugs… it’s not bad, but it’s a little strange, ‘cos I thought every mug was the same size.

100_2950But, I do have one complaint. I ordered the ring note B. What I got was the ring note B. But HLJ has the picture of note A on the page of note B and vice versa, so I didn’t get the one I wanted. I’m kinda annoyed, but I guess it isn’t a big thing, and looking at the other one, I actually like this one a bit more now.

One Response

  1. Wow, din know the BRS mug looks so awesome!

    Damm hobbysearch pictures does no justice to stuff they sell.
    Both notebooks look equally awesome though ^^

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