super random post, but…

BOK-2049I preordered a dakimakura~ Tama-nee! So cute, and it’s a magazine one! I love magazine dakimakura covers~ they’re even cheaper than those rubbish bootleg ones, hah.

(omn, though, I hate bootleg dakimakura cover so much. People buy them ‘cos they’re cheap, but they don’t think, isn’t they’re a catch? If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Buying fake dakimakura cover, you aren’t supporting the person who took the time to create the quality artwork that you see on them; whether created by a doujin artist, or someone who actually works for the eroge or anime company, you’re just supporting some failure with no life and nothing better to do than make stupid fakes.)

4 Responses

  1. Nice! I’m think about buy this too.

    But I can’t resist the Dengeki’s Otome dakimakura.

  2. Yeah, I want Otome too! She looks so cute~

  3. Gratulations for your first Dakimakura purchase

  4. i’m tempted to get her as well. x3

    ((Btw, loved your little rant there. I rage every time someone steals artwork and makes piss-poor quality goods out of them))

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