ronery ronery! +nagi


I have always wanted to take one of these photos… XD

Also, finally got Nagi nendo today!


But first.. triple ronery. XD


As well as Nagi, I finally got a proper pillow for my cushion cover. Box was huge! (and they were in two seperate boxes.)


Nagi is a nendoroid who has a lot of good points, but a lot of little annoying things too…


The worst thing is her staff! It’s so hard to get in her hand. I really felt like I might break it.


The best part is her hair, it’s sculpted really nicely,  but it kind of gets in the way. Also, the paint on this Nendoroid is really, really nice. It’s perfect.


Another random Nendoroid… okay, I really need another  of Rin, Nagi and Tsukasa. If you painted the hair brown and removed the hair bobbles, (replacing them with the little cherry tree petal things) she’d sort of look like Konomi. Okay, LS uniform has a lot of differences compared to TH2, like the style of bow and the pink on top of the inner collar, but it’s not that bad.

Just getting the parts is… why can’t the world of Nendoroid be like that of Pinky:st, where people sell and trade of parts? XD


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