ibook get~


Finally here!

(also, I say get too much in my post titles…)


Plug-chan is my desktop for now~ I love her, the plug ears are so cute. Also, I love her battery hairclip. XD


Memory 32mb… all of the specs on this are really crappy, even for it’s age. My grandfather asked about the memory, and he said he had a computer in the 80’s that had more. XD


My iPod has more space than that… D: Well, I don’t understand the need for lots. Like, I don’t even have 1GB of music. I’m not even sure if I have half that, to tell the truth. Okay, checking, I’ve got 231mb worth of music. 67 songs. Also, last crappy spec, I don’t have a photo, but the processer speed is 300mhz. Still, it seems actually faster than the computer I’m writing this post on, but it’s garbage.


Despite all the good things like that it’s actually pretty fast and that the battery suprisingly works, cosmetic condition is kinda… bleh.

Two words:





You can’t see it too well in my rubbish photos, but it’s there and it’s so annoying. I don’t really know how to clean it off though. :( It isn’t a huge bother, but I’d love it gone.


Also, something here? Don’t know what it is though.


And cracks here. But I really can’t do anything about that, so I’ll have to live with it. Looks almost cool in a way.


These came today too, new earbuds. I needed some really badly, after about a year, the ones on my iPod Touch aren’t in the greatest of shape. It’s too bad, ‘cos I love the design of iPod earbuds, and I really don’t care about audio quality.


Needed to take a photo with Miku, the colours are an almost perfect match.


One more of Miku~


The Yo-yo took up Rin’s spot… that thing is huge~


Random picture, but Tanner got to go outside today. :D

5 Responses

  1. Nice GET!

    I used to have the Tangerine one and was really afraid of carrying it by the handle because I used to think it would give way and make the clamshell crash to the ground!

    And I must really agree with you. The colors are in perfect sync with Miku!

  2. I remember those! I used to use the colored Macs when I was in elementary school. That really comes to show how old they are.

    Miku looks perfect with it!

  3. good computer :)

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  5. […] the worse. I have a love/hate thing with Apple. Some crazy beautiful designs in the past, like the iBook Clamshell, the matching iMac and Power Macintosh G3s, and the G4s too. But then there are a few I think are […]

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