Came back from my trip to Ontario yesterday… was okay. Too long, two weeks is way too long to be spent away from home. Well, that’s just to me, since I love Nova Scotia so much, but w/e… and eh, wasn’t all bad, ‘cos I finally bought Kotobukiya’s Nagi~

I went to three places, Ottawa, Ancaster and Toronto. Really, the only place that was that great was Ottawa, ‘cos they had a rad anime store, The Anime Stop. Really nice store, lots of stuff, fairly good prices, normal area. (more on that later…)


Basement at my aunt/uncle/cousin’s house (there needs to be some collective word for that…) Pretty awesome for a basement, I guess? Sleeping on a couch sucks though.


Top of the TV case thing was so dusty… :)


Other half of the room has billiards~ why is it so much easier on the computer?


Feet~ they’re squishy! XD

Anyway, nothing else interesting, except maybe Chinatown and how creepy it was. Also there was an anime store that was complete garbage! Everything was bootleg or overpriced! D:

2 Responses

  1. Oooo, Kotobukiya Nagi! Nice get! ^^ I didn’t know her feet are actually squishy. Makes me want her mooore~~

    LOL @ the third picture ^^; Sure is dusty

  2. […] figure. With Animaritime in March, Fauna by Alter was acquired, and four months later, I bought Nagi while on holiday, who I had been wanting for quite a while. After a long wait (SAL = D:) Komugi […]

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