detolf-esque shelf not from IKEA = fake-tolf :D

Actually, it’s called Seja, it’s from JYSK (which seems to not have any stores in the U.S. (they have stores in Kazakhstan, but not the U.S. XD )), it’s a little taller than a Detolf, but seems mostly the same. (Same price too… $80.)

Regardless, I so feel like a real figure collector now that I have one of these. XD Not that I wasn’t for the three years before, but whatever.

Too bad the contents are…

100B4060Spongebob toys… (I saw that Patrick nearby, so I had the idea to put in the Spongebobs too… XD )

100B4070Two Nagi… but really nothing wrong with them, lol.

But here’s the stupid one…


A rubbish bin! D: Well, the fake-tolf took it’s place, so now it’s there… but when I took this photo I thought of something great, where to put the Apple stickers I found… on the bin! :D Well, just one. Now I’ve got one lonely Apple sticker with no idea where to put it… maybe on my guitar? Idk though… any ideas? : P

6 Responses

  1. Goddamn that rubbish bin is gold XD

  2. Hahah that patrick is cute, is the fake one much fragile than a real detolf

  3. Did you get this from the JYSK in Dartmouth Crossing? I was looking for one of these and there’s no IKEA here (there used to be one and now there isn’t for some reason unbeknownst to me)

    • Yup, as far as I know that’s the only one in like all of Atlantic Canada…

  4. Ikea in Montreal will ship to NS. Normally it costs more than the actual display cases so you need to confirm with the Ikea Home Shopping people that you want it delivered NOT to your home but to the nearest drop off point which is in Burnside. As long as you have someone with a decent sized car/truck you’ll find you save a huge amount in freight costs.

    The JYSK display case is pretty decent though, not hugely different from the Ikea one.

    • That’s good to know, I guess, they’ve got some pretty cool stuff I wouldn’t mind owning.

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