Hooray~ got my July stuff today! Yeah, it’s like, the end of August, but SAL shipping and e-cheques = things comes slowly. Very slowly.

(btw, this is kinda picture-heavy. :P )

Anyway, the contents of this loot, Wave’s Komugi, Dengeki G’s Festival COMIC! vol. 7, and the bonus dakimakura cover.


Starting with the magazine. It’s probably the most boring part of the loot, and obviously no one buys any Dengeki G’s magazine for the magazine, but I kinda like it.

100_4329Cute To Heart 2 illustration, and an ad for Cafe Reo’s dakimakura. Unfortunately, they are the only company I can think of which sells 155 x 50 cm dakimakura, which I need, but HLJ doesn’t sell theirs. D:

100_4330More To Heart 2 stuff~ :D


Character profiles. But, as always, not measurements. D: I’d love so much to know Tama-nee’s heigh and bust. XD


Unlike Dengeki Hime, there isn’t any 18+ mark on the front, but there is some ecchi stuff…


Special Present? I guess you can win this stuff? Love those SHUFFLE! cat slippers. :D


Next issue’s bonus is a figure of Uesugi Kenshin. I’m kind of annoyed since, I don’t like small figures like this. :/ But I can save my money, I guess. Still, I’d almost like to collect these magazines.


Some CLANNAD image. Took me a while to figure out who drew this, but it looks like it’s the artist of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu? Then again, it says Art: Jyaa, so maybe it’s just someone with a similar style?


First page of manga is To Heart 2, and it’s in colour~ well, only this page of the manga is in colour, and it’s kind of uninteresting. :/ I really like this artist’s style, anyone know who it is?


Cover page for TH2, very pretty. :D


Close-up of Konomi~ my favourite. Ilfa is pretty cute here too.


Isn’t this a bit ecchi? XD The Sengoku Lance manga has a somewhat interestingly ecchi part too..


Yoake (insert rest of that long name here! D: ) / Brighter than Dawning Blue (I think?) manga. No ecchi here. XD  Very cutesy art. Makes me think of like, Kanamemo almost.


Sky Gear. Can’t find anything on this manga anywhere, but when I saw it, I was kinda like, wtf is this doing here? It looks like something out of Shonen Jump. :P


Tohou manga! No, this is actually Higurashi. I’m not a fan of Higurashi, but this (and the other pages with Marisa) made this one of the best comics in the book! :D


Swimsuit Noumi! There are two Little Busters manga in here… one is normal LB, and one is Ecstasy. EX’s manga was boring though, they were just at school and stuff. Normal LB manga has mizugi! :D


wtf… wtf. :(


It’s 743 pages, according to HLJ.

… that was a lot of photos. And now the dakimakura cover~


Took hardly any pictures of her, but I don’t have an actual dakimakura body, I just stuffed her with pillows. XD


Face~ you can see my pillow through her skin… the material is pretty see-through.


Oppai~ :D

Is it bad how I took 18 photos of the magazine, and only three of Tama-nee? More when I get some proper stuffing for her I guess.


Mugi~ cute figure, but the wings on her back and boots are a pain to put on.


She has really pretty, glossy eyes. I really like them.


Very cute shoes~ I’m quite happy Wave made the Nurse Witch Komugi version, instead of Soul Taker, since ST, it’s just a plain nurse uniform, but NWK, there’s a lot more details, and Wave got pretty much everything.


I don’t like how they did her necklace though. :|


Her kit box… you can see some somewhat bad painting on the strap, but it’s not really a big deal.

And that’s the end~ :D

9 Responses

  1. GAWD I want that!!!! NAO!! Seriously!!! And we seem to have very similar hands lol! “This hand is my hand~ this hand is your hand~ no wait thats my hand~ no wait thats your hand!~” Gotta love Friends lol.

    And the fact that your 14 with a dakimakura cover is CRAZY!! But very very awesome.

    • Buy it~ XD Feena needs a friend!

  2. I gotta agree with meimi up there, I envy you for having a dakimakara at such a young age ;0; BUT. The fact that you’re a girl and have one just ups that awesome factor~ We have a Japanese Bookstore in the city that I go to very often and I see those kinda of magazines all the time, but some of them are just so BIG, and I would totally get them if they were just filled with pretty colored pictures, but most of it is manga only in japanese, which I can’t read for my life XD The colored pictures they do have in there are awesome though! Congrats on your loot, it’s always such a nice feeling when you get a package in the mail!

    • I suppose I’m probably like the only person ever, my age and a girl that owns a dakimakura. XD If there is anywhere else, I would love to meet her.

      Also, I am so jealous of those people who have Kinokuniya and stores like that. They sound fantastic. (although I suppose things would be slightly expensive, with them needing to make a profit, and cover shipping costs.)

      • That’s actually the store I visit every time I go to the city! The name is like… so complicated I never took the time to actually learn it XD *whacks lazy self* Things are a bit expensive, for example, the art books sometimes have the shipping included in their prices in the store, but some aren’t so bad! Manga wise, it’s the same price as you can find the japanese versions online, which is always a wonderful treat. I love looking through the new Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles before they come out in english in japanese!

        But yeah, you can understood how easily it is for someone to spend like, 100 dollars in one visit there. They’re tarting to bring in figmas and nendos, which tortures me every time because I wanna check if their price is reasonable compared to the ones online T_T Most of the time its a bit more expensive, but then again, blame the shipping prices @_@

  3. Nice gets!! I’d get that magazine just for the dakimakura, but there’s nice illustrations and such in it, too. I wish I could get a dakimakura, I’m too nervous to do so. ^^; Tama-nee is so lovely!

    Komugi is really cute! Daww, her face is spot on!

    • Yeah, Komugi’s face is great. Figures based off of Poyoyon Rock’s works never seem that accurate, but I think Wave did a pretty good job.

  4. That’s a great buy on the dakimakura – I honestly did not know that they were being given away with the magazines. That’s a cute Wave release as well. :)

  5. […] Nagi while on holiday, who I had been wanting for quite a while. After a long wait (SAL = D:) Komugi arrived from HLJ, and, last but not least, Asa finished the year […]

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