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September 30, 2009


9-3… it’s my class number. The first month of school is over… one month down, what seems like a million more to go.

Anyway, the following has the potential to be boring, it’s just about the people in my class and school, but whatever, read if you want. XD


September 21, 2009

…does lolicon show up so much in my search terms? D:

(also, omg, I found “3d is pig disgusting” in my search terms. :D )

picture post~
September 19, 2009


Okay, so last night (I think? lol, I have a really poor memory) I was really bored, and decide to make a post of pictures. I didn’t mange to finish it though. But I came up with a better idea later, to make a post of my absolute favourite images. The above is of Dejiko (and Puchiko) of Di Gi Charat, by Poyoyon Rock.


September 12, 2009


Oh wow. D: One more reason for me to hate J-List/Box. Not only is this bootleg, it’s more expensive than most original ones, which are usually 3000-4000 yen. Honestly…

Also, Chara High is making a Plug dakimakura cover…

Too bad I think the image sucks. :(

September 2, 2009

moe 34763 sampleMugi~ :D I love this illustration of her.

Anyway… I think what’s going on with ADV is kind of interesting… Well, ADV was a kind of interesting company to me anyway. Like how back a few years ago, they just released like, everything. I wonder what was going through their heads then. Honestly, did they just pick random titles from a hat? Most of it was garbage, but it’s still interesting. (Komugi probably falls into that category of garbage though, right? As much as I love it, I know it’s terrible, and so does the anime itself. : P )

Regardless, it was kind of a mistake for them… because much later, people thought they would go the way of Geneon. But then more recently, they started to get better… and then this happens. But even though they disappear, they don’t. Only the name of ADV, which is still kind of sad, because although I admit, I fail at buying anime DVDs, I own a total of two, I liked ADV. (btw, even if I own hardly any anime DVDs, I don’t watch all fansubs. : P The library is a long-time friend of mine for viewing anime and manga for free, without feeling bad about it. XD )

(also, does anyone know what ADV actually stands for? Aside from the last bit being Vision?)