picture post~


Okay, so last night (I think? lol, I have a really poor memory) I was really bored, and decide to make a post of pictures. I didn’t mange to finish it though. But I came up with a better idea later, to make a post of my absolute favourite images. The above is of Dejiko (and Puchiko) of Di Gi Charat, by Poyoyon Rock.

moe 43251 sample

Anya by Poyoyon Rock. Before this picture, I hadn’t really paid attention to his work, but when I saw this I really fell in love, and Anya is my second favourite character in Geass. (First is Suzaku, and third, fourth and fifth go to Lloyd, Lelouch, Cecil, and Monica? Even though she was killed as soon as she appeared, Monica’s character design was pretty cool.)

(also, is that the place they hold Comiket in the background?)


I love this image of Konomi, from Dengeki Hime, by Mitsumi Misato. Same swimsuit as the figure I have. : D

moe 89036 sample

I’m not a huge fan of Megami stuff (so much of it is QUALITY), but I love this. Plug’s grin is so cute! Currently my avatar on Tsuki-board.


The actual image isn’t so great, but I love the idea, the two are really¬†similar. The Komugi POP in the background is a nice touch, I’d love to have a POP, even if it was just a small one.

moe 34768 sample

More Mugi! (Soultaker ver.) I just realised, there are actually a few Megami images here… well, I didn’t say they were all QUALITY. : P


There’s this picture of Dejiko, I really wanted here, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked on Danbooru, Gelbooru, Moe Imouto, Konachan, Google images in both English and Japanese… nothing. However, the OP of the original Di Gi Charat is almost completely based off old Koge Donbo illustrations, and that image in one of them, so here it is in it’s form in the anime. (there’s also this figure.)

Btw, if anyone know where I can find Koge Donbo’s original version of that image, I’d love to know… I search so much… >_>


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