9-3… it’s my class number. The first month of school is over… one month down, what seems like a million more to go.

Anyway, the following has the potential to be boring, it’s just about the people in my class and school, but whatever, read if you want. XD

As I said, my class this year is 9-3. Previously, I was in 7-4 and 8-4, but now the pattern is broken! D: lol… My class, I know like, no one.

People I know, Katlyn and Ali, they’re kind of strange, kind of my friends I guess? And Gage and Logan, they are also strange, especially Gage. The class had to do Science projects, and one involved a candle, and he asked the people who did it for the candle and starts drawing on some guy’s desk with it. And Logan always calls him retarded, but I think they’re kind of friends, honestly I don’t know, despite being in the same class a lot. Tyler is this short guy, kind of normal I guess? At least compared to the other people I know? He really hated me in 7th grade (for doing nothing in gym), but seems almost nicer now?  Jamie is really stupid. But pretty funny. But only funny because he’s stupid. That’s like, everyone I actually know in my class. D:

Then there’s Matt, who almost looks like Logan, who is really stupid as well, and with Jamie = amazing stupidness in French class, but not as bad as Jamie and Alberto in French in seventh grade. (Alberto was this really short kid from Portugal). Also, he’s supposed to be in 10th grade, not 9th, but it’s surprising he made it to here… There’s another guy in my class supposed to be in 10th grade too, and he used to live in Vancouver, but I forget who he is, I think Jared? Or Maurice or maybe Neil?

Then there’s this girl who I’ve seen around school before, whose name I’m also not sure of, but she has the strangest face. I don’t want to sound too rude but it’s strange. :| But she seems really normal, she seems to be good friends with (Chris)tina who was in my class once before in Elementary school, but she is so different.  Typical make-up-cake socialite, but still as small as ever. One other girl seems like she’d be really social (Rebecca, I think?) but she’s not, it’s kind of strange. But maybe it’s due to her being a transfer? Also, she looks like Boy George in Church of the Poison Mind.  : P

Lastly, there’s this guy that I thought at first looked like Christopher Poole, but then I realised he didn’t. :|

The rest of the people… aren’t very interesting. XD

Also, ugh I am so, extremely pissed off. :\ I couldn’t go to Eva tonight, but for no legit reason, honestly, ugh… so pissed off. I don’t even want to go to the one on Saturday now.

I can’t believe I actually wrote a thing on this for school… we had to write about something, a show, movie, album, event, something that was the creative work of someone, that you saw over the summer, and I did Evangelion… honestly I should have just did Cobra Starship’s Hot Mess. I love so much in Living in the Sky with Diamonds when Gabe says “oh here she comes” like in Maneater by Hall and Oates. I love Hall and Oates. :]

Also why didn’t I get a Google Wave invite… D: They’re selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, can’t believe it. :[

3 Responses

  1. You sound pretty bummed (but I’m sure that’s an understatement)

    It sounds like you have interesting people though.
    My Start to 9th grade this year was also bummed out though, so I guess I’m not alone :3 (not to say that’s a good thing though…)

    I’ll be rooting for you though! keep up the good work!

    • Eh, even if there are some ridiculously stupid people, it’s not too bad, there isn’t anyone who just screams trouble or anything. Like always though, some people are really bad on coming to school on time, this one guy came in like, five minutes before lunch. Then, after lunch break he was late too.

  2. This entry. Is adorable. It brings me back to my younger days (HAHA OLD.) ~ Enjoy it while you can girl, very soon you’ll be swamped with work and dying for a moment to watch anime or just lounge around T_T Good luck in school darlin’ <3

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