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stuff? (today)
October 30, 2009


Suzuhira Hiro goth girl~ :D This picture,  I think is pretty well-known, someone even made a GK of it. But, it’s by Suzuhira Hiro, and I love her art. :D

Anyway, post about today… because it was kind of interesting. :|


goodbye geocities
October 26, 2009

free glitter text and family website at

A sparkly gif to commemorate this day?

It’s interesting that only now it has closed down… Geocities was like the biggest thing of 90’s internet. XD

I never had one though, my Mum was always saying something on there was messing up the computer…

I did have a page on AOL Hometown though… :D


magical meow meow taruto dvd
October 19, 2009


Something new today~ <3

This is an anime I’ve wanted to watch for years. I’m serious. :D I saw an ad for it in Anime Insider (R.I.P.), which I used to read back when I had a) no money, and b) no high-speed internet. I’d read it at the library, like all the manga I read back then. (but didn’t watch much anime, except the edited stuff on TV, because the computer we had then didn’t have a DVD drive, and I’ve never liked watching animu when other people are around, idk why. :P )

Anyway, I’ve always remember it since then. When HLJ had their free shipping thing, I was going to buy something, but there wasn’t really anything I wanted… so I bought this instead. :D


griffon treasure festa: awesome
October 13, 2009


Konomi action figure~ :D I don’t even like action figures, but wtf, it’s Konomi. :P


Tamaki looks fantastic though… so hopefully Konomi will be good too…

If only the price and size could be found…

(also, mellowcreme = love.)

daiki: a rant about price tags
October 10, 2009


Figure collecting isn’t cheap. We all know that. For my seven scale figures, I have paid nearly $400 Canadian.

But, newly announced by Daiki, is a 1/4 Ryomou, with a price worth more than my entire scale figure collection.

It’s not the first time they’ve had a ridiculously over priced figure, see their 1/4 Saber. :P

But, Saber seems like a bargain at 28350 yen, versus Ryomou’s 45000.

But what really gets me is Seyada Tara. She’s also 1/4, and was released last year for 29000 yen. Pretty bad, but at least this figure had the light-up gimmick. As well, she’s also cast-off.

(the GK versions of both the Ryomou and Saber are cast-off, but whether the PVC versions are too is unknown.)

But then, Daiki isn’t the only one with ridiculous prices. What about GSC? Honestly, why, why why should I have to pay 9800 yen for Saber Lily and BRS? I will, because I preordered them, I guess it’s only right to purchase them, (Can’t say I’ll keep them though…) but neither of them are so fantastic as to have to pay that much. :|

However, I can’t be too mean to GSC, because at least they can price their 1/4 scales properly. Their swimsuit Nanoha and Fate, both much cuter than all three of those Daiki figures put together (okay, maybe not Tara, lol. :P ) only cost 12000 yen.

FREEing has good prices too… the Haruhi bunnies are 9800 yen or 11800 yen, Kojikan girls are also 11800, and Lucky Star are 11800 yen for Konata (which makes no sense, all the other FREEing LS girls are pretty bad looking. :\ ) and 12800 for the others. Okay, some of FREEing’s sculpts are pretty crap to me, but the Haruhi ones are all really nice, especially Ryoko, and Konata is pretty cute too.

And hey, none of FREEing (or GSC’s for that matter) are as ridiculously overpriced.

October 8, 2009

Okay, stupid story here…

So, first class of the day, PDR, in the computer lab, doing some job thing or something. We don’t get to choose our seats in there, I’m stuck between Gage and Jamie… Jamie has some radio site going, and is singing. So, I go on Twitter.

“another crappy half-hour of computer with Jamie… D:”

Gage tries to go on Youtube, and obviously fails, since there’s a block. Then he sees that I’m on Twitter, and all like “how do you do that?”. I say, “proxy”, and then he starts doing some crap in Command Prompt… this is the same person that last year, saw me messing around in Command Prompt and decided that I was hacking… D: Anyway, that failed (obviously), and he goes on asking what a proxy is… after a while, I say “Google is your friend.”

Honestly, how to people not know what a proxy is? It seems like all the average person knows about the internet is Facebook and Youtube. Which would be fine if it’s 1994 or something, but seriously! This is 2009. D:

Remind me of this I saw on Mashable a few days ago…

It’s pretty sad how a video like that even needs to be created…


(also, just realised I spelt it wrong in that tweet… D:)

google chrome “artist” theme – GSC
October 6, 2009

Wow… just wow.


Looks like it’s supposed to be official too?

Even if I liked Good Smile, I wouldn’t use this. XD

(even if I own figures by them, doesn’t mean I like them. I bought their Miku since it was the best figure of her, and still is. (Volks? Sega? Ugh… Max Factory isn’t very high on my list of having good sculpts either) Nendoroids… I will admit, I do like them…, Saber Lily and Black Rock Shooter… well, I unfortunately will admit, I was caught in by all the hype… X( )

(also, changed my Chrome theme, using “Splendid!” ‘cos the clouds reminded me of the Windows 95 wallpaper. <3)

(but, actually, Chrome is pretty much beautiful on it’s own. It doesn’t need crappy “make-up” like this. Unless it looks like Windows 95. :D )

October 3, 2009


I am a terrible person. I said I should maybe sell a couple figures… (I am seriously running out of space. I actually have a good amount, but I really don’t want every square centimetre of my room covered in anime stuff)  but before I even think about picking who should go… I buy another.

You see, last night, we had to go pick up my Dad from work in Halifax… and we go on Robie St… and past Quantum Frontier, and I see the lights on in there, and I just have this urge to go. So today I did. And while I didn’t think I would come out with a figure, I did.

They had a few new figures since the last time I went there… Ignis by Yamato, a pantsu exposing Hakufu, Kotone and Serio from the original To Heart, as well as some others. I was considering the To Heart girls, but then I saw Asa at the bottom. I just had to turn around her box and take a look at the price. At $50, I couldn’t let her go… : D


October 1, 2009


Loot from Yahoo! Auctions JP… of course I had to use a proxy. : P Two items, Tokyo Mew Mew Strawberry Bell Bell and a little Saint Tail calculator.