Loot from Yahoo! Auctions JP… of course I had to use a proxy. : P Two items, Tokyo Mew Mew Strawberry Bell Bell and a little Saint Tail calculator.


With Mugi~

Honestly, I kind of wonder, why did I buy this? D: It’s cool, but it’s like, what am I going to do with this?


The bracelet. I read of a lot of people not being able to get it on, but it fits my wrist okay. But only like, 5mm, maybe more of the velcro is together when on my wrist. I really love this bracelet, it’s so tacky! <3 lol.


A card of Ichigo’s profile. I really like this, since I was able to read nearly the entire thing. XD My knowledge of Japanese = hiragana, katakana, and a few random words that you end up picking up from watching subbed anime.

One thing I found really interesting on this was that it has Ichig’s three sizes… seems strange with how this is kind of a kid’s anime. But then, I wonder, what use is knowing an anime characters three sizes anyway? Actually, I think it’s fun to compare… :X



Saint Tail calculator… looks like a furoku item? I wonder if it’s from 1995, like it says on there, or if that’s just because that’s when the manga began? This could be nearly as old as me! lol. I was almost thinking it could maybe even be older, but Saint Tail manga began in June, my birthday is in May.

I really like this, it’s really sweet, but I don’t think it’s that great for use, because it needs a lot of sun… may try to use it at school, see how it works, but if it doesn’t, I’ve always got back-up… plain, black, took it from the French room (it was there in the desk I sat in) back-up… eh, someone forgot that one, not my fault. : P


The box it was all shipped in. It’s Calpis! As weaboo-y as it is, there’s something about Japanese snacks I find intriguing, I’d really love to try some of them, but all I’ve ever had was Pocky. They actually sell it as Superstore (Loblaws for the rest of Canada, I really don’t get why it has that weird name. : P ), amazingly.

Also, this Calpis is “calorie-off”. (that’s in katakana, but the katakana was “karorii ofu” so it’s Engrish-y enough for me.)


On the customs thing… what is this supposed to be? “Fisuve”? Or is it an “a”? No idea, but whatever.

Also look what I found on Youtube, lol;


lol though, I totally remember all those. :’D

10 Responses

  1. Oh god I completely forgot about the TV one! Rememeber the robot kid who loses his arm?

    • Never saw that… XD But then there’s also the House Hippo and the one with the mice.

  2. Errr also I think on the customs form its supposed to be Figure :P

    And I thought my handwriting was bad haha.


    • lol. I’m really tempted to go find the clow wand and the wand from Saint Tail too. : D

  4. I almost ordered that the other day. I didn’t know it came with a bracelet!

    • If you put it up to the heart, it’s supposed to make another sound. Mine doesn’t work though… >_> That’s what you get for 1000 yen. (but then way more in shipping two ways, bank transfer and the auction agent fee.)

      It’s a really cute item, you should get it, but just not off Ebay. XD There’s one on Ebay, BIN for $70. Ugh… ones on Y!A are more under 3000, I would assume most of them work properly, I really should have translated the description first, but I didn’t.

  5. You got it ebcause you thought it was awesome XD When I was in 6th grade, all I wanted was a Sailor Moon wand and the only place they had it was in like, Suncoast, and they were so expensive! But when I did get it, it was like YESSSS *presses buttons over and over* I eventually ended up breaking it T_T But I still have fond memories of my Sailor Moon Locket <3 Treasure your BELL!!!!

  6. I can’t find a strawberry bell any where i’ve tried so hard i can’t use paypal (ebay) at all And it’s so hard! please if you can help i do not want to make it i want one that works makes the noise well because it’s cute~! so please help me!

    • I think your best chance for finding one is Yahoo Auctions Japan. Search for ストロベルベル. There is one on there right now http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k109542940. Unless you live in Japan, you have to use a proxy, search for Japan auction service, there are a lot of different ones out there, so you’re sure to find one that will accept credit cards or bank transfer. Good luck in finding one! :3

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