I am a terrible person. I said I should maybe sell a couple figures… (I am seriously running out of space. I actually have a good amount, but I really don’t want every square centimetre of my room covered in anime stuff)  but before I even think about picking who should go… I buy another.

You see, last night, we had to go pick up my Dad from work in Halifax… and we go on Robie St… and past Quantum Frontier, and I see the lights on in there, and I just have this urge to go. So today I did. And while I didn’t think I would come out with a figure, I did.

They had a few new figures since the last time I went there… Ignis by Yamato, a pantsu exposing Hakufu, Kotone and Serio from the original To Heart, as well as some others. I was considering the To Heart girls, but then I saw Asa at the bottom. I just had to turn around her box and take a look at the price. At $50, I couldn’t let her go… : D


Kotobukiya Four Leaves stripe-stripping Asa! ;D

I love the special version’s face so much more than that of the original. I’ts more interesting. Embarrassed, but happy? Well, what do you expect, she’s an eroge character. :’P


See the details in the shirt and tie? On her necktie, the other side of the tie is sculpted, pretty good detail. And even a button it visible beneath the tie…

In this picture though, you can see a little black mark on her hair. It’s like, the only paint mess up, but it’s too bad.


I love how her hair flows, some on her shoulder, some between her arm and the rest of her, some on her back. Some green stripes too…


People say she is small… hmm… I think it is just that her head is small. Her height is the same a Komugi (1/10), but Asa is bending more than Komugi. But then of course there is height to take into account, Komugi is 152cm, and Asa is 163cm (for an anime character, that’s kind of impressive… she’s still shorter than I am though. Mayumi in Essence is the same height as me though.)


Stripes x 2…

I prefer Asa’s… XD Blue x white is so overrated. Pink x white is the best colour for stripes, but green is good too.

Also, wow, I just love that hair! : D


Inspired by a (very old) photo by Meimi132. XD


Looks like Kaede isn’t the only yandere in Shuffle!? I love how Lelouch’s gun fit perfectly into her hand.


The only two green haired figures in my collection. I love green hair. :]

7 Responses

  1. Asa with long hair is super cute. (even though im use to seeing her with short hair XD)

  2. That’s one beautiful Asa figure. Her pantsu reminds me of Mio’s pantsu. :))

    • shimapan = : D

      Will be interesting to see when Mio figures come out, if they are “accurate”.

  3. xD piggyback!
    I am SO envious of you. We have NO figure shops around here. It stinks D:<

  4. Very nice Pantsu~! I totally get you about not wanting every inch of your room covered by anime stuff… I started like that, but eventually, things start… accumulating XD It’s very sad ._. But if you keep everything organized and tidy, it will look amazing and colorful.

  5. Asa is a very pretty figure, and yet I did not in my collection. At $ 50 you made a good case, even if you lack space in your room. (I think we’re all in the same situation. :P )

  6. […] for quite a while. After a long wait (SAL = D:) Komugi arrived from HLJ, and, last but not least, Asa finished the year […]

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