google chrome “artist” theme – GSC

Wow… just wow.


Looks like it’s supposed to be official too?

Even if I liked Good Smile, I wouldn’t use this. XD

(even if I own figures by them, doesn’t mean I like them. I bought their Miku since it was the best figure of her, and still is. (Volks? Sega? Ugh… Max Factory isn’t very high on my list of having good sculpts either) Nendoroids… I will admit, I do like them…, Saber Lily and Black Rock Shooter… well, I unfortunately will admit, I was caught in by all the hype… X( )

(also, changed my Chrome theme, using “Splendid!” ‘cos the clouds reminded me of the Windows 95 wallpaper. <3)

(but, actually, Chrome is pretty much beautiful on it’s own. It doesn’t need crappy “make-up” like this. Unless it looks like Windows 95. :D )

5 Responses

  1. Hm i wonder,who is your favorite figure company? 0:
    I really thought good smile was your favorite. XD

    • For some reason, I really love Kotobukiya. XD

      I can’t say I don’t love nendoroids though. :P

      • I find their scupts kinda ok to meeeh.
        But i love that they make lotsa different charas and cheap prices.

  2. Chrome is really amazing and smooth, and I love it, but I’d still want to use this theme, just to say that I used it XD

  3. Hahaha “Chibi” The description is amazing. It does look awfully tacky. Still haven’t used Chrome yet, should look in to it.

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