Okay, stupid story here…

So, first class of the day, PDR, in the computer lab, doing some job thing or something. We don’t get to choose our seats in there, I’m stuck between Gage and Jamie… Jamie has some radio site going, and is singing. So, I go on Twitter.

“another crappy half-hour of computer with Jamie… D:”

Gage tries to go on Youtube, and obviously fails, since there’s a block. Then he sees that I’m on Twitter, and all like “how do you do that?”. I say, “proxy”, and then he starts doing some crap in Command Prompt… this is the same person that last year, saw me messing around in Command Prompt and decided that I was hacking… D: Anyway, that failed (obviously), and he goes on asking what a proxy is… after a while, I say “Google is your friend.”

Honestly, how to people not know what a proxy is? It seems like all the average person knows about the internet is Facebook and Youtube. Which would be fine if it’s 1994 or something, but seriously! This is 2009. D:

Remind me of this I saw on Mashable a few days ago…

It’s pretty sad how a video like that even needs to be created…


(also, just realised I spelt it wrong in that tweet… D:)

2 Responses

  1. ”It seems like all the average person knows about the internet is Facebook and Youtube.”

    phs thats pretty much everyone at my school.

  2. Following you on Twitter now~

    I saw that “What is a browser” video with my younger brother and I was shocked at the stupidity of our nation. I was even questioning my knowledge because everyone seemed to think that Google was a browser XD I was like, Wait… am I the one that’s wrong??? And my bro says the same thing to me all the time too, Google is your friend.

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