daiki: a rant about price tags


Figure collecting isn’t cheap. We all know that. For my seven scale figures, I have paid nearly $400 Canadian.

But, newly announced by Daiki, is a 1/4 Ryomou, with a price worth more than my entire scale figure collection.

It’s not the first time they’ve had a ridiculously over priced figure, see their 1/4 Saber. :P

But, Saber seems like a bargain at 28350 yen, versus Ryomou’s 45000.

But what really gets me is Seyada Tara. She’s also 1/4, and was released last year for 29000 yen. Pretty bad, but at least this figure had the light-up gimmick. As well, she’s also cast-off.

(the GK versions of both the Ryomou and Saber are cast-off, but whether the PVC versions are too is unknown.)

But then, Daiki isn’t the only one with ridiculous prices. What about GSC? Honestly, why, why why should I have to pay 9800 yen for Saber Lily and BRS? I will, because I preordered them, I guess it’s only right to purchase them, (Can’t say I’ll keep them though…) but neither of them are so fantastic as to have to pay that much. :|

However, I can’t be too mean to GSC, because at least they can price their 1/4 scales properly. Their swimsuit Nanoha and Fate, both much cuter than all three of those Daiki figures put together (okay, maybe not Tara, lol. :P ) only cost 12000 yen.

FREEing has good prices too… the Haruhi bunnies are 9800 yen or 11800 yen, Kojikan girls are also 11800, and Lucky Star are 11800 yen for Konata (which makes no sense, all the other FREEing LS girls are pretty bad looking. :\ ) and 12800 for the others. Okay, some of FREEing’s sculpts are pretty crap to me, but the Haruhi ones are all really nice, especially Ryoko, and Konata is pretty cute too.

And hey, none of FREEing (or GSC’s for that matter) are as ridiculously overpriced.


7 Responses

  1. You just said what I’ve been thinking lately. I’m annoyed at the constantly rising prices as well. I don’t plan on buying anything from FREEing of Daiki any time soon. FREEing’s quality isn’t very good for the prices and seriously Daiki can keep their figures to themselves for those prices. GSC’s prices have been pushing it lately, but so far I can’t complain much. I’ll see how BRS turns out when she arrives. I don’t like the looks of things though, I’ve seen a lot more crappy figures getting high prices. If the trend follows I’m sure a lot more people will be complaining.

  2. I actually don’t like FREEing for more than their Haruhi bunnies, the Lucky Star girls are so horrible >.< (That's my opinion anyway) Though for something like Black Rock Shooter I would gladly pay the price because I see the amount of detail and can really appreciate it, but for FREEing, I feel like I'm paying more for their size than anything else, and I don't like that feeling at all. I like to pay for quality, not for their size.

  3. Ugh, I know exactly how you feel. And even when one of their figures is pretty bad, it is SOOo overpriced. I think Daiki Kougyo overprices nearly ALL of their figures D:

    Seyadatara is nice though, but still a bit overpriced…^^; 29,000 yen–Ouch!

    • One of things I really hate is how some of the worst figures are some of the most overpriced… Taki’s new Kanu for example,. 8800 yen for a 1/8.

  4. That Tara does look adorable. Would’ve loved it as a cheaper 1/7 figure.

    And yeah, figures do cost a lot.
    I think in a way because it’s already a niche hobby, which means it can allow itself to charge highly, so they say, “Well, they already buy from us figures worth $150 a month, so instead of giving them 3 figures for that, why not give them 1.2?”

    Of course, they also release MORE figures, not less ;)

  5. Your reasoning is correct. The price figures are constantly increasing and their quality is not always equivalent. This kind of collection is expensive.

  6. I’m not sure I find Good Smile Company expensive. I mean, yes they do cost more than other manufacturers, but their quality in my opinion is quite high as well. To me they seem to be a top tier manufacturer as so far I’ve yet to receive a figure produced by them that did not live up to my expectations. Saber and BRS both seem accurately priced given their apparent quality as well as demand.

    I’ll admit to being a bit skewed from the start though. I paid $120 CAD for TAKI Corps Horo for my very first anime figure. So when I got my first Good Smile Company figure, 1/7 Ryogi Shiki, for $87 CAD it felt like a bargin due to her vastly superior quality and detail work. A year and a half later I still find myself comparing to that original Horo figure as if it’s some sort of baseline for me.

    I can safely say I will not be purchasing anything from Daiki though. Their cost seems beyond my reach, and I don’t like the figures those prices seem to be attached to either. Though Seyada Tara seems alrightish.


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