magical meow meow taruto dvd


Something new today~ <3

This is an anime I’ve wanted to watch for years. I’m serious. :D I saw an ad for it in Anime Insider (R.I.P.), which I used to read back when I had a) no money, and b) no high-speed internet. I’d read it at the library, like all the manga I read back then. (but didn’t watch much anime, except the edited stuff on TV, because the computer we had then didn’t have a DVD drive, and I’ve never liked watching animu when other people are around, idk why. :P )

Anyway, I’ve always remember it since then. When HLJ had their free shipping thing, I was going to buy something, but there wasn’t really anything I wanted… so I bought this instead. :D


Purple case! :D And a booklet thing… but…



Also, so much Comic Sans fail… it’s a shame that awful font came from the most fabulous programs in the world… MS Bob. :D


Amazing surprise, it came with a window cling! :D When I buy anime DVDs, I don’t care about the content. I just like having the physical item, so I love stuff like this.


Here, is my entire anime and manga collection. The manga is especially sad, because the Fruits Basket was a gift, the Air Gear came with Pinky:St figures, and the Di Gi Charat was with the limited box of Di Gi Charat.

The Haruhi DVD, I’m not exactly sure why I have. :| I don’t even like Haruhi that much, but I for some reason bought it. I’d like to sell it, but I don’t like shipping stuff… always get worried something will go wrong…

5 Responses

  1. ” When I buy anime DVDs, I don’t care about the content. I just like having the physical item, ”

    Yeah the same with me. =D

    Isen’t that version of the haruhi dvd the limited edition version?Why not finish the collection instead of selling it?

    • Yup, LE… but I’m not a huge fan of Haruhi, and the spine bugs me… with the SOS-dan logo, if you put the DVDs upright on a shelf, it has to be 4 3 2 1. I don’t really like the box that much…

  2. I LOVE the inserts. When I open an anime box/case, and there’s only the table of contents, I feel sort of… Deprived…
    That’s great that you got the window pane thing though. it looks good, So I’ll have to add it to my watch/buy list. :)

  3. The Haruhi anime grew on me, actually, I have the box set and got it without thinking ;-; I’m the same way with fan stuff, I love getting freebies with whatever I buy X3

    • I like the Haruhi anime, but just, not enough… everything about Haruhi, was good, just not great. XD

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