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November 21, 2009

Ichigo~ :D My current wallpaper… for Windows. iBook is Daria again right now, but it changes all the time.

Fail post title… seriously though, I can never make post titles. “stuff” “stupid” “what” “wow” “get!”…

Anyway, I’m pretty bored (oh wow, I almost typed “board”. :O) so I’m going to type some stuff.


November 15, 2009


So want. Had not really cared about this one, since I’m not a huge Touhou fan (Marisa, Alice and Patchy, that’s it.) but finished, she looks so sweet!

Also, now price and size for Figyutto! :D

Not so bad. Konomi, I had decided I would get no matter what, probably will get Tamaki uniform version also. If they make a swimsuit Konomi, have to buy swimsuit Tamaki too…

Then if they come out with Marisa, Alice and/or Patchouli, probably get.

I’m probably thinking ahead too much, but anyhow, I’ll definitely get this (thank you in advance, Ami Ami! :D) and Konomi… :3

November 4, 2009


Note the “!?” down at the bottom…

I’m not exactly sure what this is…

Well, I guess it is the reason why I have never really done anything good with Ren’Py, because I’m uncreative. :|

Seriously though, this is just barely a minute long.

But, I like how the main menu looks. XD The buttons change colour. Also, a bit more of an appearance of my drawings, have never really posted anything on here. (save for BRBR. :D )