Note the “!?” down at the bottom…

I’m not exactly sure what this is…

Well, I guess it is the reason why I have never really done anything good with Ren’Py, because I’m uncreative. :|

Seriously though, this is just barely a minute long.

But, I like how the main menu looks. XD The buttons change colour. Also, a bit more of an appearance of my drawings, have never really posted anything on here. (save for BRBR. :D )


3 Responses

  1. ooh. I’ve been trying to use ren’py, but it won’t let me add in pictures right now (more like I fail at it x3)

    I’ll play this and tell you how I feel about it then!

    • Hmm… are the images defined at the start like this:

      image bg imagename = “image.jpg”

      and not the example one in the default script…?
      Did that once accidentally… >_>

      • yes,
        should it be:
        image bg imagename = “my_question/game/image.jpg”

        thanks =3

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