Ichigo~ :D My current wallpaper… for Windows. iBook is Daria again right now, but it changes all the time.

Fail post title… seriously though, I can never make post titles. “stuff” “stupid” “what” “wow” “get!”…

Anyway, I’m pretty bored (oh wow, I almost typed “board”. :O) so I’m going to type some stuff.

I’ve been watching Nadesico now… I’m about half-way through. It’s pretty cool. Yurika is really cute… Ruri is the one that’s so much more popular, and she is really funny and stuff, but I just love Yurika. Childhood friend characters are always great. You just can’t help but want them to win the heart of the main person or whatever. Her cheeriness is great too.

Gai was also awesome, while he lasted… :| Can’t believe he died…I don’t watch much anime, so I don’t really see so many where people die, so it always gets a reaction out of me, kind of shock when I watch an anime and somebody dies. Like in Geass. XD But in Geass pretty much everybody came back to life, except like Monica, which sucked since she only lasted like, five seconds.

I can’t say I like Megumi though…

(this image is amazing… laughed so much once I noticed Beavis and Butthead in the back…)

None anime related, but who says I have to only write about animu? I really love Daria, and recently there are some new things about the DVD release… whole thing, with movies and maybe even released in Spring! :D I hope so much they come out that soon, April would be awesome because then I’d maybe be able to have them by my birthday.

Thinking of April… Animinitime. Still don’t know what to cosplay! First I was thinking Saihate, ‘cos I would already own everything but the wig and the necktie… but all black is no fun. Another potential Miku to do was Lots of Laugh, but it’s too pink and cutesy, I think. Then, World is Mine, but even though I love the outfit, I hate the art and I’m not a big fan of the song. One last Miku was Melt, 2M Mix ver. I think I’ll do that for one of the two Animinitimes, but I kind of want to something else too… going back to Nadesico, I wouldn’t mind doing a cosplay from that, but the uniforms seem kind of complicated.

I wish I had one solid idea of what to do. I really wish I could cosplay one of my absoloute favourite characters, but…

Akito, Air Gear >> A guy, crossplay = no.

Konomi, To Heart 2 >> Flat (usually) and short = no.

Dejiko, Di Gi Charat >> Ten years old. So, obviously, flat and short.

Komugi, Nurse Witch Komugi = Flat, and I’m pretty sure she’s fairly short.

All of my favourites are flat and short… >__>

One thing I hate in cosplay is people being characters they just don’t fit… and maybe chest size isn’t too bad, unless it’s really extreme, like a flat Tamaki or BRS with Cs, but height? If it’s a few centimetres difference, sure, but please, Puchiko is a metre tall. Dejiko isn’t even one and a half. Usada is okay though… I like this cosplay of her, that wig is really pretty.

Some people are okay with not being the same as a character, but because of cosplays of Dejiko and Puchiko… it bugs me to bits.

(Although now, I’m kind of considering Usada… XD 164 cm isn’t so bad, I’m like 168?)

3 Responses

  1. I think tamaki or konomi is great ^__^

  2. I haven’t thought of Daria for years! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. I also have the ‘flat’ dilemma, so I feel you =3

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