I was bored… it’s not so often that I do art on the computer. The last thing I did was my messy Tsuko-tan. Then there’s this awful thing done in February… Oh, and here is a fail picture of Lillie, my original character / blog mascot who has not actually appeared on my blog until today, from April. :P

Also, you could maybe count Black Rock Bankrobber? Except she was mostly drawn not on the computer. :|

Anyway, yeah, I don’t use the computer for art much… this computer is really awful and my tablet doesn’t work with it half the time, and my iBook, it works, but not so great. (I drew Yui’s head once… kind of fail in a cute way, but I was using Paint, Write and Play, a kids programs that was actually the very first thing I ever used on a computer, in like ’97. :O) Most of my drawings are just pen stuff on school work, I love drawing with pens. :] Although, another pen died today… I only have two left. I don’t even know how this one went, I had only been using it for a few days. :\

Okay, enough of that. :P Maybe sometime I’ll post some more stuff. My printer is all messed up though (probably because of this messed up computer)… things print fine, things copy fine, but it won’t scan! :[ It used to scan just fine though…

edit: I actually logged in to my dA… was looking at the stuff of Katlyn, the person I’ve been kind of friends with for the past ten years. idk why, but her stuff is hilarious… XD

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