dorkiest thing ever (to me), dvd gets, and some other stuff

I love this picture so much~ :D So pretty~

Okay, yeah, typical random crap post… :P

Anyway, it’s just as the title (so long!!) says.

Mmkay, so dorkiest thing ever.

I’ve been playing this video game.

Not any video game, but…

a pokèmon video game.

Pokèmon Rumble.

It’s kind of weird, but it’s really fun and the art is pretty cute. And it only has the original 151, none of the weird ones.

Well, okay, it does have the weird ones… fourth generation to be exact… look what I found when getting rid of a bunch of Tangela…

Tangrowth. Umm… okay. :|

Anyway, yeah, it’s really stupid… to be playing a pokèmon game. Because usually the only time there is anything pokèmon related in my life is those random times when you just feel the need to listen to one of those wonderful songs by 4Kids… although if I want to listen to some ridiculous music, I kind of prefer the One Piece Rap. :D

DVD gets… Taruto 2 and 3. :D


…and Chitose.

I really love Taruto on the booklet illustration. :3

More window clings! :D

Ugh though… all three of them have bits like this, that are see through when they really shouldn’t be, but the worst is here… :< There’s a spot on the dress you can kind of see that’s pretty bad too.

Another not so great thing, part of the DVD case is broken. :| At least this is the side you can’t see when it’s on the shelf.

One last thing on the DVDs… the first volume has a number on the paw print, but the later volumes don’t. I hate how the coloured bits with the DVD logo aren’t perfect too.

My latest preorder! Patchouli by QuesQ. <3 She looks so amazing.

…and umm, here’s a scan from an ’80s Sears Wishbook with Robotech dolls in it. :| I’ve never even seen any Robotech/Macross/whatever, but I still found it amusing.

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