thanks, random person wanting to read hime

Because yeah, even if not as much as I once did, I do love BL… X3

Okay, so in my search keywords thing, I saw “read dengeki hime”, which caused me to go on Moe Imouto (where you can view the images, and really I’m sure that’s all anyone is interested in. :P ) and I found this. :D

That calender isn’t great, but this is so cute~ XD

(this is also really cute, I used to have all of this artists works saved, but not anymore, and Danbooru doesn’t say anything on the source… :|)

3 Responses

  1. well I wil try get dengeki hime ^^; I think it’s like anime adult magazine lol

    • yeah… but it comes with good bonus items. XD

      • health care Items ^_^ lol XD
        I almost bought one that included oppai mousepad tho ^^;;; now I ordered dengeki G’s comic with dakimakura ^^;;

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