christmas loot~ :D

Christmas gets were actually… good.

Umm, here is the first thing, TIE fighter! :D I asked for something of Star Wars, because despite my love for the films, I don’t have anything from it. This is pretty nice, TIE fighters are my favourite ships from Star Wars. It’s really big, and highly amusing when you make the wings fall off. XD

Eva 1.01, I wanted to see this in theatres, but no… :| Well, I can watch it now… the slip cover is really cool, shiny~ :D

Also, I saw this at Wal-Mart… that was like the second time ever I saw an anime DVD there, once I saw Noein, a long time ago. I really, really wish that it was easier to buy anime here, manga is fine, and there are even a couple good sources for figures locally (and by good, I mean amazing. :D), but animu DVDs? Nope… :| Even Best Buy sucks, all they have is like, Bleach.

$50 mall gift card… no idea what I’ll use this on. Maybe I could buy pieces for my Ayu cosplay?

It’s a rabbit… lol. :P

Calendar… that dog is kind of creepy looking. XD

A lot of candy… and actually this wasn’t all of it, ‘cos I ate some… >__> Ugh, I hate having candy though, I always end up eating so much all at once.

A second Star Wars thing. XD I have to say, I was really rather amused by both items. This is pretty interesting though, all the different stuff from the different movies, like frozen-in-carbonite Han, and the Tauntaun, there’s a friend of Danny’s up in the top right corner (I couldn’t resist… >__>)…

Also got these… kind of argyle-y pattern?

6 Responses

  1. Nice legs.

    • lol, you were caught in the spam filter. XD

      • Thank god you finally found me. I was getting hungry and the only thing to eat was viagra spam D:

  2. We both got Eva 1.01!

  3. pocky + kinder chocolate + evangelion = win
    50$ gift card @_@ do want LOL
    nice starwars loot XDDD and cute rabbit

  4. Santa was good with you :) You’re a Star Wars fan ?
    I like the cute rabbit :)

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