this year and the new year…

(like always, picture~ :D by kumichou?)

Anyway, here we have a post about… what happened this year and what I want to happen in the new year, and what I look forward to in the new year.

This Year…

+ Start of collecting scale figures.

Before 2009, I didn’t have any scaled figures. Pinky:st, some figma, a nendoroid, and some trading figures, but no big scale figures. In January though, I added Miku to my collection. Konomi followed her at the end of the month, and a second Konomi, in swimsuit was purchased in February, who still holds the spot as my number one favourite figure. With Animaritime in March, Fauna by Alter was¬†acquired, and four months later, I bought Nagi while on holiday, who I had been wanting for quite a while. After a long wait (SAL = D:) Komugi arrived from HLJ, and, last but not least, Asa finished the year off.

What I bought in a year is what some people would have bought in a month, but I don’t feel the need to have 10 000 000 figures. Also, this wasn’t all I bought, because I bought some more nendoroids too. :]

+ I discovered the real awesomeness of mecha.

When I watched Code Geass, in 2008, I was amazed that a mecha show could actually be good. But I didn’t think much of it. After all, Code Geass has a lot of awesomeness in it. The character designs are all pretty rad, good voice actors, the story is interesting, the OPs are pretty cool (even if I don’t like Japanese music that much, Flow = love.), and the ending? Just wow, but pure awesome. Plus, Suzaku and Lelouch make an amazing couple. Well, actually, Fukuyama Jun and Takahiro Sakurai make an amazing couple anyway, but moving on…

This year, I watched Evangelion. I was prepared for an extreme pile of garbage. People say it’s overrated, and that Shinji is too whiny, and that the last two episodes suck. People say good things about it too, but I had no expectations for NGE. When I watched it though, I really enjoyed it. Not enough that I’d actually buy that DVDs, instead of borrowing them from the library, but it was good. Then, one day when I was really bored, I watched Nadesico. Like Evangelion, I had wanted to watch it for a long time. So I did. I really, really loved it! :D

Even though I have more of an appreciation of mecha though, I still can’t get myself to like Gundam… ¬†Gundam, they all kind of look the same. But other mecha, I think I said this before, but it’s like they’re characters as much as the people are.

+ I bought my dream computer!

iBook Clamshell~ <3

I’m not sure how I started wanting one. A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away??), a parent volunteering at school brought in her computer, an iMac G3. I still remember (because my memories pretty much entirely consist of computer stuff) being so shocked by this strange computer. Strange colour, just a monitor, different OS… it was the first time I ever saw a Mac.

Anyway though, one day, I guess, I did start wanting an iBook. So, I was often checking Ebay for them, and just looking at photos. Once, I saw someone on Ebay selling one, who was in Nova Scotia. So I decided I should bid on it, because I wouldn’t have to worry so much about shipping. But it didn’t work out. Pissed off, I searched Ebay even more after that, and eventually, for $50USD, I got mine! :D

I would like to buy another older computer in the future, but I don’t really have any room. Also, it’s too hard to decide… iMac G3? G4? A Cube? Maybe a Windows computer?

by bowieknife


There were a lot of deaths. I don’t really care about celebrity deaths, but Geocities? Actually, I’m surprised Geocities lived this long, but it’s still alive some what with the help of the Wayback Machine and Reocities. Maybe there are other sites too. Reocities is actually rather interesting to check out, here’s a page with Rei on it, although there isn’t much else of interest.

This guy has some great .gif images…

Ranma 1/2 site, I love the “Please Use Internet Explorer” button at the bottom.

Batz Maru, them telling you how to save images is cute. XD

“This Page”

no idea on the artist... :(

+ I watched a lot of cartoons. American ones.

Well, I like American cartoons a lot. But I don’t really watch them anymore. But discovering Daria, that changed a bit. Not only did I watch Daria, but I’ve been watching Beavis and Butthead too. I had once thought they were stupid and ugly, and I didn’t want to watch it because of that. Now, I know they’re stupid and ugly, but they’re still really, really funny. Lastly, I watched a bit of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which is pretty funny. The animation style though, is what really stands out, it’s really cool looking.

Also, on animu, considering they’re cartoons too, although not American, it looks like the only shows from this year I completed were… Akikan and Fight!! Ippatsu Juuden-chan. I don’t know which older shows I watched. Well, Nadesico and Evangelion for sure. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if those were the only things I completed. Things I watched but didn’t complete were; Maria Holic, Eden of the East, K-ON!, Shangri-La, Bakemonogatari, and Canaan.

Well, I think the problem with the anime is there are too many serious titles there. Like, shows that aren’t Akikan or Fight!! Ippatsu Juuden-chan. I like my anime ridiculously silly.

Next Year…

+ Anime I want to see on DVD…

The most horrible thing to happen in the world of anime DVDs… that fact that Queen’s Blade is getting an R1 release. If that can get an R1 release, anything can. After I read that news, I now fully expect to see Kanokon on DVD. Fight!! Ippatsu Juuden-chan and Akikan, I want those on DVD too! If QB can get released R1, anything can.

by kingin

+ Animinitime x 2!

Going to Animaritime this year was really awesome. So, two cons will be really amazing. Also, this time, I’ll cosplay! :D My latest idea for it is to do Ayu… hopefully that won’t change, I already bought the socks. :3

I just hope that buying the stuff for the cosplay won’t leave me without money to buy stuff at the con. But also, I’d like to do, like con stuff. Like, see panels.

Umm, there was some more stuff I wanted to write, but… I forgot. :O

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  1. I want macbook too ^^;; and dollfie LOL
    nice collection ^0^

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