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hair-uhi (a sort of rant? XD)
January 26, 2010

So, recently there was a new ASOS video. I didn’t like the old ASOS, and I wasn’t extremely fond of this ASOS, but like the original, I don’t hate it or anything. Actually, the singing was pretty nice. :D

But one thing that bugged me… why can’t Haruhi cosplayers get the hair right! So often when I see someone cosplay Haruhi, they always have their hair like this! You’ve got to put bits of hair in front of the ribbons. :|

Do it like this! :(

Looking at Coscom, there are a good amount of people who have done it properly though. :)

…also, Koto, hurry up and release Mio!! D: I’m sick of waiting.

(and, one more thing, Chu-Bra gets sillier by the second. :D I can’t wait for the rest…)

figure stuff <3
January 20, 2010

Well, today, it seems like a lot of figures were announced, and a lot were pretty interesting…

First is Kotobukiya’s Ruri… I really love Nadesico, but my favourite character is Yurika, who has only two figures… three if you count a colour variation of one of them. Ruri, however… according to Tsuki, there are eighteen figures of her. (btw, both of those numbers are completed models only, I won’t count trading figures and GKs because I’m not interested in that.) Still, this figure is really cute, and maybe, just maybe Koto could please, please, please release a figure of Yurika?

Then we have two new Figutto! Too bad they look awful. Sasara’s hair is way too blonde, and Kanu kind of has that face that you see on way too many Griffon figures. I have to say, I’m really worried that Alice, Konomi or Patchy could turn out really badly. :|

Sora is a character who I’m only familiar with through figures, but I like her character design a lot. This figure is nice, sweet pose, great colouring, lots of detail in her hair… but, I really expected her to be wearing a white swimsuit. If Koto makes a white version, or if I can find this on sale, I’d probably buy it.

Last, Ichigo by Alpha Max. Not a bad looking figure, although I definitely wouldn’t buy it. However, the reason I’m posting her… it’s a little late for Christmas, isn’t it? May release?

It’s too bad this figure wasn’t by GSC, with all the delays, it would come out for Christmas ’10 then. :)

P.S. Koto… ugh when is Mio coming out??

nayu~ <3
January 5, 2010

Mmkay, I don’t like blog posts about anime, like reviews and that, I think they’re stupid. It’s like, if one episode gets a bad review from some blogger, are you going to skip it?

But anyway, this is more just my random thoughts, and anyway, this is my blog, I can be a hypocrite if I want to. :D

Moving on, this anime is so cute~ :3 Some of the stuff they say is kind of ridiculous though.

“I could hear your breasts suffocating!”

Yeah, this is so my kind of anime… absolutely silly and ridiculous with maybe a bit of H, and probably going to be disliked by many. XD

(random thought, but That Dog was a really awesome band.)

(also, I love this in the ending.)

(also, I wonder when thigh-highs girl will appear?)

(also, just realised, I am so socks Nayu. XD)