nayu~ <3

Mmkay, I don’t like blog posts about anime, like reviews and that, I think they’re stupid. It’s like, if one episode gets a bad review from some blogger, are you going to skip it?

But anyway, this is more just my random thoughts, and anyway, this is my blog, I can be a hypocrite if I want to. :D

Moving on, this anime is so cute~ :3 Some of the stuff they say is kind of ridiculous though.

“I could hear your breasts suffocating!”

Yeah, this is so my kind of anime… absolutely silly and ridiculous with maybe a bit of H, and probably going to be disliked by many. XD

(random thought, but That Dog was a really awesome band.)

(also, I love this in the ending.)

(also, I wonder when thigh-highs girl will appear?)

(also, just realised, I am so socks Nayu. XD)

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  1. oow cute glasses girls ^0^ LOL

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